Winging it

My first inclination was to entitle this post Wanging it because I like to replace i’s with a’s to convey a Missouri accent.  Didn’t so much fly with the word wing, that’s another post, probably best written by Avery’s best friend Jason Erickson. 🙂

The uh, winging it I’m referring to is writing related, of course.  I got a ton of work done on Day of Sacrifice yesterday and I had to giggle at myself for writing a story that has so much witchcraft and religion and world building involved in it.  How the hell did I get here?  I didn’t even try to be Goth in high school.  I had no idea that paranormal and urban fantasy were not the same thing until a year ago.  I’ve read one Stephen King novel, Pet Semetary, when I babysat for these people up the street growing up and forever had to run the half a block home that had no street light because that book scared the crap out of me.  Never read Anne Rice.  As sci-fi romance as I ever got was The Time Traveler’s Wife.  I mean, did you catch that  I used the phrase world building

I’m Jennifer Weiner’s target demographic.  Elinor Lipman.  Bridget Jones’ mf-ing Diary coulda been mine.  I worship Laurie Notaro.  That chick, the one I used to be before I decided to write a YA novel about a girl with some sort of, I don’t know, power, knew nothing of THE CAPITALIZATION OF IMPORTANT NAMES.  Now I’ve written a story with Guardians and Sacrifices.  There are rites and rituals and ceremonial objects.  People transport.

What I’m getting at with the winging it is, I have no idea what I’m talking about.  The most research I’ve done is asking my Tweeps on Twitter what the name for a male witch is. (For the record, warlock is offensive and wizard is not right.  A male witch is a male witch.)  Another thing I’m not doing, however, is mocking anyone who does know about all of this majickal, mystical, supernatural stuff.  I’d like to cut a deal, I’ll try not to offend, if you don’t pick me apart for making up names for things. In my world, some containers are called a potion kegs, okay? I figure it could be worse, I could have called them plastic mini-cauldrons.

I hope you all have a pleasant Monday.  I’ve got to get back to my Guardian Angel, Julian, who is about to be threatened with wang removal.  Kidding.  Don’t get your ceremonial robes in a bunch.

2 thoughts on “Winging it

  1. Sounds like a good deal, and I think you should get points for rejecting my suggestion of Man-witch.

    Plus, someone’s totally going to start marketing Potion Kegs and not give you any credit for coming up with the clever name.

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