I’m feeling parenthetical today. (I think.)

I’m not a blog planner-outer, don’t know if you’ve noticed.  I like to say something every couple of days, but I’m never too sure what it will be.  After reading several posts on other people’s blogs this week and talking to a writer friend last night, I thought I’d ask your opinion.

Do I need a pen name?

My real life name is Stacey Wallace Benefiel and it seems okay to go with my real life name when I’m writing YA.  But what of the more adult fare that I write? (I haven’t published any of it yet.)  I wonder if it would make any difference to readers, like a 13-year-old would “accidentally” read something I wrote that was not intended for them because I used the same name, or would anyone even care?  My website is PG, but my blog is not and no one has complained about that discrepancy yet.  (I suppose that would require more than 6 readers.)  I think for me I would use a pen name to keep from being confusing to readers more than to keep the younger ones from reading the grown-up stuff.  (That’s kind of their parents job, isn’t it?)

I’ve been toying with putting Day of Sacrifice out under the name Stacey Wallace.  Still me, but not exactly the same name so readers will know its a different type of work.  But, but…then am I building more than one platform? 

This name business is confusing.  Lay your thoughts on me.


7 thoughts on “I’m feeling parenthetical today. (I think.)

  1. Pinky Asstronaut it is!

    Although, I still think Lucretia Barrows sounds klassy. That has to be someone, it just popped right into my head.

    I’ll probably just put my real name on everything because I don’t have enough brain cells to write books and remember who I’m supposed to be while promoting them. 🙂

  2. I think most of my friends use pen names. But I’m older than they, blonder, and have a kid, and really, I’ve only got so much brain to spare. I can’t see any reason for it right now. I write YA, but I cuss a lot and clearly mark it for older teens–which seems to amuse too many people. It’s all funny until I drop the F-bomb on some unsuspecting 10yo and then you know someone’s going to be all over Amazon complaining about the book being in Children’s Lit like it’s my fault there’s no place for Teen books in the Kindle store.

    If I had picked a pen name, I would have chosen something easier, and I think that’s a consideration for some people. But, you know, we Bischoffs have to start getting some name recognition out there or we’re going to keep having to correct spelling and keep being called Bis-koffs forever.

    I’m babbling. It’s quite early yet. Anyway, I’m not too worried about when and if I start writing adult stuff again because I don’t think it’s going to be erotica, and as long as I’m clear in my product descriptions (over which I have control), then it’s a buyer beware thing like it is all over the rest of the world.

    Interesting to note how Kelley Armstrong has handled going from adult paranormal to adding YA. She kept the same name, which totally makes sense since there are a lot of us with more years and perhaps a bit less maturity who like YA too, but she’s got a separate website for the YA series.

    After all, there’s the X-Men Saturday morning cartoons (TV-Y7), the PG-13 movies, and comics clearly labeled T+ (thank you, Marvel), and no one gets overly confused.


  3. Susan, you crack me up. I said a similar thing about not having enough brain cells to keep track of so many names. 🙂 Actually, its personas I couldn’t keep track of. I want everyone to know that all the names are me, so that’s why I’m not straying too far from Stacey Wallace Benefiel, with S.W. Benefiel. That is obviously the same person. I’m also going to make a separate website, but link it directly to my main one and to here. Different, but not confusing I hope.

  4. Oh, also, I’ve read a bazillion Kelley Armstrong adult books, but haven’t read any of the YA yet. Would you recommend it? I like her writing, but especially her sex scenes, which I imagine are not so much in the YA. 🙂

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