Help me pick the Day of Sacrifice cover

Hey You Guys!!!!! I wrote like a mad woman all weekend and am nearly done with Day of Sacrifice.  One more good three-hour writing block and that puppy is in the can.  Since I didn’t want the cover for DOS to look like the covers for the Zellie books, I had the hubs make up some  for me.  He did such a fantastic job, I can’t choose between the three!  Help me out, will ya?  Which DOS cover do you like the best?  Man, my kids sure got a kick out of mommy and daddy buying a birthday cake and lighting it on fire for no reason.  Bonus: dessert before dinner!  And also, re: a pen name, you’ll notice I’ve chosen to be S.W. Benefiel for my more grown-up stories.

Alex from Electrifying Reviews thought the covers needed a more epic font, so he sent me a couple more examples to consider.

Thanks for your input!

4 thoughts on “Help me pick the Day of Sacrifice cover

  1. I like the overall feel of the second one, but I’m not loving the fonts. Though I don’t care for the new fonts at the bottom either. Fonts at top are too plain. Fonts at bottom are too distracting.

    Fonts are my problem area which is why Robin does my covers. LOL. I know what looks right or wrong, I just can’t MAKE it look right. Sometimes a simple font with an effect added onto it, like outlining or drop-shadows can help.

  2. i like #1. not a big fan of the zestier fonts at the bottom, but like the idea of something not so plain at the top either. something that stands out more, but not so much like the ones at the bottom.

    wish i could have enjoyed the cake with you!

    oh, i like the pen name. it looks neat. i always thought i’d do R.L. Reid, but that’s too much like R.L. Stein. blah. so i have to come up with something else.

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