More Day of Sacrifice covers

Here are the contenders narrowed down from the originals, plus some do-overs from Alex:

Feel free to make one yourself if you are so inclined.  It’s fun to see what everyone will come up with!

As far as the book behind the cover, I’m in the home stretch.  I wrote another 1K today and am hoping to finish it tomorrow.  I was in the weeds for a bit today, trying to keep too many secrets and still get a sex scene out of two characters with no motivation to do so.  Now its all good. LOL

9 thoughts on “More Day of Sacrifice covers

  1. I prefer cover #2, because I think it’s the best presentation of the image. I like the size of your name in that one as well. Pulling that down on the page just a little would probably give you more room for your title. I’d like to see that in a clearer font–possibly something that drips a little blood. I’d rather have the plain font than one I can’t read. I don’t like how the current font looks messy, and it’s a messiness that doesn’t relate to the image, so does it relate to the writing? Nooooo. Ok, so I’m over-analytical. Sue me. Aren’t you glad to have me back?

    I read the other comments. I didn’t even see the knife before. My eyes are so old. It might be interesting to see the same kind of orientation for the photo, with most of the cake cut off, but using the knife side of it.

  2. Susan, I tried a pic with more knife and less cake and it was uninteresting. It needed more fire, heh heh, fire! 🙂

    I’m torn between the two images and I like the plainer title of 1 with the name of 2, but probably 3 overall. Yeah. Back to the drawing board!

  3. I like the third one the best… Love the font of the title and the BIG version of your name. Also like the cake from a distance. Although maybe you should try again with a chocolate cake. And maybe a pumpkin pie. Cupcakes? (Ha ha ha ha ha)

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