Day of Sacrifice cover

I liked them all.  I couldn’t decide, so I actually counted up the votes and talked to Alex about making my name smaller on the one that the most people liked.  He got it right back to me.  Drumroll please!!!!!

I also finished edits on the story today.  DoS came in at 15K almost exactly, which is the length I was shooting for. I have a problem with writing things that are 32K long.  It’s like my number or something.

Now that I’ve got an edited story and a cover, I’m going to get it ready for Amazon/Smashwords/Pubit tomorrow. It should be on sale by next Monday.  Then, on to Glimmer edits and busting that out by November 1.  This pace is a little crazy, but I’m really enjoying all the writing.  After Glimmer is released, I’m starting work Glow, the third Zellie Wells novel.  When that project gives me hell, as they all do, I’ll start in on the second short story in the DoS series, Rebellion.  Those are my plans for now.  Plenty to keep me busy!

Thanks for all your input!  I may be posting blurbs tomorrow for opinions, so be on the lookout.

5 thoughts on “Day of Sacrifice cover

  1. Ha! Fall is always good for me. I crap out in February and manage to write, like, ten words a day. Plus, my kids birthdays are right smack dab in the middle of the holidays, so I gotta get shit planned or it doesn’t get done.
    I send writing motivation vibage your way!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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