New reviews and writing update

Glimpse has made it to the top of a few TBR piles this week and received great reviews!  Check out the reviews on Book Noise and Book Vixen. And this new one on Mundie Moms.  I’m especially thankful because all three reviews mention Glimmer and that really spurs me on to get it edited and out in the world for everyone to read! 

I did get a good bit of editing done yesterday although I procrastinated something awful. (Damn you Facebook chat!) I broke my tasks up into two categories: typos and confusing questions.  I fixed all the typos that the betas had found. Not that I don’t need to go through it another three times or so, but Glimmer has been in front of a lot of eyes at this point.  I also answered the easier of the confusing questions.  Things that could be explained with a well placed sentence.  I eliminated the questions that wanted me to reveal more than I wanted to in this story.  I’ve got a whole other book to write, there have to be things to put in it! 🙂 A couple of the confusing questions deal with the powers.  Who remembers what in a rewind and what’s the difference between a vision and a glimpse?  I gotta make these crystal clear.  If the powers are confusing, the book is confusing.  The other side of that is, sometimes the characters don’t know why something is the way it is because it has just happened and its a new experience.  Rest assured I will always try to wrap up most of the loose ends by the end of the book and leave you with just enough of a teaser to move on to the next one.

As far as the “next one” goes, I started writing the beginning of Glow yesterday as well.  I couldn’t resist!  The idea popped into my head and I just had to get it down.  It is a variation on an opening line I wrote months ago, but when I thought of it I knew it was perfect.  (Well, almost perfect.  As per usual I have punctuated it all dumb- like and Sarah needs to take a pen to it.)  There are BIG changes in Glow and a couple of new characters that I think kick ass.

Day of Sacrifice is getting lots of excellent reviews on Goodreads and Amazon.  I’m so pleased that people are enjoying it!  I had no idea if it was the worst thing I’d ever written or not. 🙂  I dig the characters and the world, but y’know, it all came out of my head so I have to like it.  Apparently it doesn’t suck, so rock on!  Alex already has a great cover idea for Rebellion, the next short story in the Day of Sacrifice series and we chatted (he’s who was helping me procrastinate yesterday) about what was going to happen plot-wise.  We also discussed how many stories there would be.  We came up with seven, which is a fine idea now, but that’s seven stories I have to write yet!  Yikes!  I think concentrating on Glow and Rebellion will be good enough for now.  I’ll get to DoS #3 around February.

Okay, time to make the kids something for breakfast and attempt for the third day in a row to go to the post office.  Dude, I should have just UPS’d it, but I feel sorry for the post office and think I need to give them my money.  I know, how Amurrican of me.

6 thoughts on “New reviews and writing update

  1. You sound like you’re really on top of things. *Is jealous* I want to be you when I grow up. 😉

    Seriously though, I’m in awe of people who seem to glide through the editing process. I’d have about ten books out by now if I wasn’t so snail-like (and dense) about it.

    Can’t wait to read Glimmer!

  2. Claire,
    It helps that my BFF is a punctuation/grammar/spelling Nazi. I trust that she catches almost everything I don’t. Also, I’ve just got the two kids and have to squeeze the writer stuff in. I can’t imagine how you even function with five children, much less find time to write!

  3. Erm, I walk around like a zombie most of the time. A tired one. With bad hair. LOL.

    I really need a grammar nazi friend. I don’t know anyone useful, my OH doesn’t even read. How is that even possible? I should have married an editor. Editing makes me cry for real. I’m laughing now but earlier there were tears. 😉

    I’ll stop stalking this post now. 😀

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