If you like pina coladas/Reading on the plane

I thought you all might like to start your Friday with an earworm. 🙂  The hubs and I are going on a much-needed and ill-timed trip to Vegas for the weekend.  We’re going to attend the wedding of two friends of ours who’ve been together for a decade, but decided to have a big party and sign some papers.  The theme is tiki and I borrowed a kick ass mod red and brown floral printed dress from my sister for the occasion.  There will most likely be some dancing, although I think the hubs is too old to do the splits anymore or slide across the floor on his knees.  I’ll post pics of our shenanigans on Monday.  Wish me luck!  I heart gambling and fruity girl drinks containing all the liquors. 

The trip is a bit ill-timed just because I realized I must have Glimmer done by next Wednesday in order to get a proof and have it out by Nov. 1. (Provided the proof is good.)  I finished editing it yesterday, but I still need to do another read through and have Sarah read it again too.  At any rate, it will work out, I’m just going to have to bust my butt to get it done on time and looking good.

There’s a 5 star review of Day of Sacrifice over at Electrifying Reviews today and I wanted to repost the 4 star review of Glimpse that was on the Mundie Moms site yesterday.  Things are swell in bookland at the moment.  I’ve sold as many books halfway through this month as I did all of last month. 

I’m looking forward to doing some reading on the plane tonight!  We have to go to Seattle first, so what should take 2 hours is taking 4.  Plenty of time to finish Hollowland and read more of The Passage.  I’ve also got the first Dresden Files book on my kindle and am also considering reading the Mortal Instruments books.  There is always something to read!

Fellow indie author, H.P. Mallory, is having contest on her blog that sounds super fun!  She’ll create a character based on the winner of the contest.  Check out the rules here.

Also, Susan Bischoff has been doing a great series of posts over at her blog that I think are really helpful to indies.  She talks about marketing, pricing, making indie friends, and other topics of indie interest.  She’s good at putting her thoughts and experiences down in a clear, concise manner.  Thank God someone can. 🙂

Alrighty! I hope everyone has a smashing weekend. Cheers!


2 thoughts on “If you like pina coladas/Reading on the plane

  1. Have fun! Sounds like you will (can’t tell you how nice a cocktail sounds 😉 ) and I’m sure you’ll still be on track with Glimmer.

    I’ve had the first Dresden Files book on my ereader for about six months now, I don’t know why I haven’t just read it already. Happy reading. 🙂

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