Tiki is a go.

Hello, all!  I’m back from a whirlwind weekend in Vegas, in which the wedding I was going to was called off, but the reception at the tiki bar was still on.  I’ll post some pictures later.  I managed to only get one photo on my camera, the hubs has all the rest on his.  It was fun hanging out with all my old L.A. friends and reminiscing about when we all worked at Tower Records. (For you kids out there- there used to be these stores that you went to to buy music.)  I also found a new slot machine that didn’t fail me the entire time we were there.  Of course, it was Press Your Luck.  NO WHAMMIES!!! (Again, for the kids, there used to be these things called gameshows where they actually just played games, there weren’t obstacle courses or helmets involved.  Press Your Luck was one of those.)  In addition, I pimped out my books and a couple of other indies to the woman that sat next to me on the plane.  She’s a 5th grade teacher in Renton and I always find that teacher’s talk a lot about books.  I tried not to be sleazy about it and waited until the conversation organically happened.  (You get two chicks together of a certain age and Twilight is bound to come up. )  Anyway, a shout out to the blond teacher with cute hair who knows way too much about produce and was going to see a show at 3 am. If you ever read this I really want to know if the show you got dragged to was The Thunder From Down Under.  That was my guess.

It seems all my Vegas luck extended to home too.  Just like Susan Bischoff said on her blog:  When you go out of town you sell more books.  It was nice to come home to higher sales numbers and lower Amazon rankings.  I believe I will put this theory into practice this week by pretending I’m out of town while getting Glimmer ready to publish.  You’ll be seeing a bit less of me this week on the Interwebs, but never fear, I’ll be back with a vengence next week.  Cheers!

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