That post with the photos

Here are the photos I promised yesterday.  I thought there was one of me drinking a large cocktail that I consumed on Claire Farrell’s behalf, but I guess it was too dark.  Oh well.

Me and the world’s most awesome slot machine.

Me with my friends Kevin and Emily outside of Frankie’s Tiki Room.

Kevin (the, er, groom) enjoying a bevvie out of his commemorative tiki mug.

Me and my friend Adam (Emily’s husband.)  He’s enjoying a Zombie and I’m drinking water.  Tiki drinks kinda taste like paint thinner.

I got the final edits of Glimmer back from Sarah this morning and I have just a few words and apostrophes to change and then I believe I’ll publish it in e on Smashwords, Amazon and Pubit.  Then I’ve got to redo the print format with all the changes and my sister is working on the cover on Thursday.  It looks like everything is going okay so far…

Tonight I’m watching Tower Prep on Cartoon Network.  It’s not a cartoon, but a series about kids with super powers attending a mysterious prep school in the middle of nowhere.  Yup, so on board with that! Check your local listings because it’s on at like, six here.


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