What a way to start the day

Just a quick post this morning to let you all know a few things.  Jennifer from Book Noise gave Day of Sacrifice a 5 and wrote a super nice review.  Check it out here.

I published Glimmer to Amazon, Pubit, and Smashwords yesterday.  It is ready to purchase at Smashwords.  Tell your friends!  I’m planning on doing another giveaway, same as I did with Day of Sacrifice, at the beginning of next month.  I’m waiting because I’m doing a mega giveaway for Zombiepalooza over at Amanda Hocking’s blog and I don’t want to have dueling giveaways. Also, I should have the paperback done by then.  I’m doing the formatting for that today and sending it over to my sister so she can design the cover.

I’m also thinking about a redesign of Glimpse-not the picture but the back cover, which is blank.  The inside could use some work as well.  Not that it looks horrible or anything, I just know better how to do things now.  Perhaps for its one year anniversary in April?  That seems kinda fun.

Did you all watch Tower Prep last night?  I really liked it!  I think it is definitely going to be a must-see for me.

Okay, gotta get the boy ready for school. Today is picture day and I have to figure out how to get his 4 cowlicks to behave. 🙂

3 thoughts on “What a way to start the day

  1. I think the answer is to shave your head or grow your hair long! Hubby and I both have a swirly cowlick on the top of our heads and I’ve got a lovely one in front. Both kids have inherited them. Mine do better when I have my hair long and the hubs shaves his head now. The boy’s hair looked okay when he got home from school and I think I detect a little hairspray in it, so his teacher must have polished him up before he got the picture taken.

    Thanks for the Glimmer wishes! I have already found my first typo that I didn’t catch yesterday. Instead of Chapter Ten, I had Chapter 10. No one caught it. Our brains just fill in the blanks. Oh, well. It won’t be in the print version at least.

  2. My 3yr old girl has long hair but her hairline is crazy, especially at the front. I have to pin it down. My eldest’s fringe just grows straight up in the air, we keep his short so it always looks funny as it’s growing out.

    At least it’s not a huge typo, I wouldn’t even notice something like that as a reader. I’m sure the series will do great anyway. 🙂

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