Stacey’s choice

How do you like my purple-fied blog?  After the girl and I wore our purple for Spirit Day the other day, I decided I needed more purple in my life.  I also changed my website layout again.  Meh.  Someday I need to pay someone to design it for me, because it is obvious to me that if I’m changing it so frequently it is because I hate it.  My choices are cool/too dark for me to read it or boring/readable.  Suck choices, right?

I’ve been a publishing fool this week.  Glimmer is available as an e-book on Smashwords and Amazon.  It is STILL processing on PubIt and I don’t know what the heck is taking so long.  I submitted the files for the paperback this morning, but I think I already need to change them.  In order to get expanded distribution (basically to be able to sell the paperback other places besides Amazon) I had to make the price $11.  $11 of which I get zero royalties.  Hmm. Not good for you or me.  I changed Glimpse to expanded distribution yesterday and I managed to only have to raise the price to $9.99 (because it’s shorter) but I don’t know about $11. I either have to cut some of the pages out, which would mean asking my sister to redo the cover template, or not go with expanded distribution.  I think the second choice might be the one to choose for now.  That way Glimmer comes out on time and I can use Glimpse as my test subject to see if the expanded distribution is really worth it.  I plan on redoing Glimpse for its one year anniversary in April, so if the expanded distribution does turn out to be worth it, I can redo Glimmer at that time too.  Thanks for stickin’ with me while I figured that all out. 🙂

Now that Glimmer is almost completely out in the world and all I have to do is promote the eff out of it, I can concentrate on writing Rebellion: The Outer Territory and working on some projects around the house.  We still don’t have a door on our laundry room.  It’s in the garage waiting for me to strip and stain it.  Also, I need to whitewash the ceiling where the old panty used to be and put another 4 coats of paint on the dining room walls.  Never mind that the boys 4th birthday is coming up and it is probably time to get all the baby stuff out of his room and the girl needs to transition out of her crib before her birthday in December.  It is always crazy times in these parts.  Someday maybe I’ll get used to it!

I hope you all have a great weekend!  I’ve got a craft sale and a pumpkin carving party to attend tomorrow and so far, nothing scheduled for Sunday.  Maybe I’ll finally get around to watching the 4 Vampire Diaries that are lingering on my DVR.

3 thoughts on “Stacey’s choice

    1. I like the purple better than what you had before. All you need now is some sort of header image or tiled background that suggests what sort of writer you are, and you’re set. 🙂

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