Giveaways, myths, toddlers with scissors, and orange frosting.

Good morning!  First and foremost, after you’ve read what’s going on here, head on over to Zombiepalooza.  I’m the guest blogger today and I’m doing a big ol’ giveaway.  All you have to do is comment and you’re entered to win!  The giveaway runs through November 5th. I’m giving away copies of all three of my books!

Another awesome giveaway to check out is happening at Susan Bischoff’s blog.  Susan sold 1,000 copies of Hush Money, so she’s giving away a signed copy.  Again, all you have to do is comment!  (We try to make this easy on you all.)  Susan also talks about how she thinks she came to sell those 1,000 copies in just 12 weeks.  Part of that is the mythical 20 reviews.  Legend has it that when you reach 20 reviews, Amazon starts paying attention to you and will possibly list you in “Hot New Releases” and this kicks up your sales.  Okay, you all, you know I don’t like begging, but Glimpse has 18 reviews.  Can you help a girl out?  If you read Glimpse and liked it, could you please write a short review on Amazon?  Three sentences will do!  Click here to go right to the Glimpse page.  And if it behooves you, throw that review up on Barnes and Noble as well.  Click here to get to the Barnes and Noble Glimpse page.

Did you all listen to the Indie Book Collective ladies on blog radio last night?  I missed the first 15 minutes, but caught the rest of it.  I called in for a bit at the end and tried very hard to listen to all the good advice they were giving me, but the girl decided while Mommy was on the phone was a perfect time to stand on a rotating office chair with scissors in one hand and Sharpie in the other and bang on my keyboard.  Still, I think I got most of it.  Basically, they were giving me good ideas on how not to fail at Twitter like I have been.  If you would like to listen to an archive of the show, here’s the link.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!  I’m helping with the Harvest Party at the boy’s preschool today.  Wish me luck!  Thirteen 3-4-year-olds hopped up on orange frosting should be interesting.


4 thoughts on “Giveaways, myths, toddlers with scissors, and orange frosting.

  1. Oh, I should go listen. I be in massive Twitter Fail Land. However, through a bit of fabulous dimensional magic, I am simultaneously occupying several different Fail Lands at once and can’t find my own ass. And considering the size of my ass, this is really something. This, of course prevents me from butt in chair hands on keyboard, which is my golden key to BICHOK Fail Land–that would be the key that locks me in that they throw away, until I get some shit done, and so… it’s not lookin’ good.

    Thanks for pimpin’ out my giveaway. I hope you get your two reviews soon. Come on, peeps. It doesn’t have to be as brilliant as mine. :snerk: “Great read, loved the characters, recommended reading.” There, copy and paste that, click those 5 stars. And… you’re done.

  2. Besides the great advice, the best part of listening to the show is Kait’s pretty accent. :)I love it! I believe I used my extremely high pitched question at the end of every sentence voice. What???!!!! Sure!!!!!! *breaks glass*

  3. Stacey – How come Day of Sacrifice has you listed as “S. W. Benfiel” instead of ” Stacey Wallace Benefiel?” I’ve been meaning to ask you since I set up your blog, but I swear I have early onset Alzheimer’s. Anyway, I’m asking because it made it harder for me to find Day of Sacrifice. I thought maybe it wasn’t out yet. But to be sure I searched for the title, and then I found it.
    It might be harder for fans of Stacey Wallace Benefiel to find a book by S. W.

    Anyway – the excerpt is really good, and you’re giveaway is awesome. I already bought DoS, but I haven’t read it yet.

    So… thank you!

    1. Well, crap. I didn’t think of that happening. I put the SW on there to differentiate it from the YA books, although I’ve linked it to my regular name on my website, blog,Facebook, and Goodreads. Not gonna be very helpful on Amazon though, is it? I’ll probably have to adjust that when I republish to fix typos. There is a warning on it already, so maybe I don’t need to also differentiate with the name. (Its not like it’s porn or anything. LOL)

      At any rate, thanks for buying DoS and letting me pimp myself on Zombiepalooza!

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