Theoretical theories by theorists

I’m posting today, because the theory is that once the clock strikes midnight tonight, it’s NaNo time and I will not have a spare second to blog again!  This theory is most likely untrue as I suspect I’m not taking NaNo quite as seriously as some.  I’m writing short stories for one thing, one of which I’ve already started, so not writing a novel and starting in October are two strikes against me winning anything.  That’s not why I’m doing it anyways.  Sometimes it’s  fun to get fired up about something just for the hell of it.  I mean, I’m also kinda fired up about The Ducks ’cause I went to U of O, but it’s not like I even like football. 

Another theory that I was testing has proven not to work in my case.  Glimpse has 21 reviews right now, but has not made it into the Hot New Releases categories on Amazon or broken into the 1,000 and under rankings.  It’s hovering in the 2,000’s and selling like hotcakes, so I’m not at all disappointed about the theory not working. I reckon that Glimpse is too old (it came out in April) to be a Hot New Release.  Glimmer, that’s another story.  Here’s where I jack up the theory further: Glimmer has no reviews on Amazon.  Glimmer is on like, five, Hot New Releases lists.  Also selling quite well…and if you buy Glimmer and then realize you haven’t read Glimpse, you gotta buy it too.  Happy dances all around, I couldn’t be more pleased!

I’ve shut down the event at Goodreads because I gave out the codes to 36 people and I’d said to myself that I would stop at 35.  If you didn’t get in while the gettin’ was good, you still have until November 5th to win all three of my books at Zombiepalooza.

Everyone have a safe and fun Halloween!  Eat too much candy, it’s the last time you have a good excuse until December.

2 thoughts on “Theoretical theories by theorists

  1. Funny you should mention, I talked about the Hot New Releases and the probable lack of 20-review magic with that on my blog today. And now that you’ve hit 20 reviews, any jump in sales is totally confounded by the new release, empirically speaking. Ah well. We’ll find someone new to experiment on. Glad to hear that sales are going well and such great response to your giveaway event too! Yay!!

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