Teenage Dream

As promised, I’ve spent less time on the internet and more time doing things that are productive-ish.  Although I’m hating Rebellion right now, I’m slogging through it.  I’ve also been rearranging and organizing my kids rooms-both of their birthdays are coming up and that means new clothes to put away and new toys to add to the already disastrous playroom.  Doing stuff like that does help me work through plot points in my head, so I still feel like I’m getting some writing done even if it’s not on paper, or uh, computer.

I’ve been checking Amazon, Pubit, and Goodreads twice a day and things are going well without my hovering over them.  Glimmer has received several killer reviews.  I got a great one last night from Vicki Keire that you can read here. There are some SPOILERS so if you haven’t read Glimmer, be warned.  Actually, the rest of this post is going to be kinda SPOILERY so stop reading now if you haven’t read Glimmer or watched last night’s Glee.

My favorite part of Vicki’s review was this:  I would like to see a more thorough exploration of gay characters, and perhaps a deeper understanding of how they operate as Retroacts and/or Seers. Also, even the best of them come off a bit creepy. 

This was my favorite part because she pinpointed something I had a hard time with in Glimmer and hope to do a better job of in Glow.  Several times while writing Glimmer I struggled with the fact that the gay/bisexual characters were the most effed up of the bunch, and this is in a world where Zellie Wells resides.  I completely agree, Christopher is a little creepy.  My desire was to not have all of his issues come from being gay, but it is a big part of who he is and I need to delve into that so he doesn’t come off as, “the somewhat evil and petty gay character.”  Ben I have figured out a little bit better and you are definitely going to learn more about him. 
There are two ways this is going to happen: As I’ve mentioned before, Glimpse was originally written from all the characters points of view and while I would love to do that in all my books because it’s easier, I try to limit myself to two. (With the exception of the one Wes paragraph in Glimmer.) But, for Glow, I need to wrap a crapload of stuff up, so Glow is going to have three- Zellie, Melody and Ben.  And with Ben comes Connor.  Squee! I already love him.  So, that’s the first way you’re going to learn more.  The second is, BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, I’ve decided the next trilogy I’m going to write will have Ben as the main character.  They will be YA crossover books because Ben and Connor are older than the standard 18 and under of pure YA.  I’m kind of thinking of them as the Angel to my Buffy.

Now to get to Glee!  Kurt has always been my fave character (although I have the serious hots for Finn) because although the writers give him some fairly ridiculous things to do and wear-it’s like he’s been outlet shopping with me and the girls!- I think he’s the most fully formed and realistic of the bunch.  Getting to see him smiling from ear to ear while his crush Blaine sang Teenage Dream made me full-on ecstatic and I’m still smiling today.  I realize that he is a character on a tv show, but I just couldn’t get the thought out of my head that at least he has that musical number to cherish when he’s getting slammed into the lockers (hard!) by a bully.  And Kurt is a kid that needs some good memories to cherish.  Jeez Louise.  I applaud the show for focusing on Kurt and what he goes through as a gay teen and they have really inspired me to try to write the experience better than I have been.

Wednesday Happy!


3 thoughts on “Teenage Dream

  1. I am super excited for Glow, and a Ben trilogy would be awesome! I’m glad (GLAAD!! :)) that we are seeing more role models for gay teens. I think last night’s Glee ep was the best ever…not only for the excellent songs, but for tackling a really tough issue without glossing over it. And yay for Blaine! A much needed new character, not like the ridiculous and unnecessary Sam.

    P.S. Kurt’s yellow boots and jacket (or maybe just scarf?) outfit totally made me think outlet mall, too. Ha!

  2. I’m not up to date on Glee but I don’t care, I LOVE Kurt. My top three characters were always Kurt, his Dad and Puck.

    Glad I’m not the only one slogging, or pretending to, in my case. 😀

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