Not a lot to report on the writing front this morning. My son’s 4th birthday is tomorrow and we’ve been having a week of birthday celebrations and bedroom rearranging at our house.  The Spidyfication of his room is complete.  The kid is obsessed with Spiderman!  Honestly, there are worse things.  Today my daughter is moving from her crib to her big girl bed.  She’ll be 2 in December and her current obsessions are ransacking the house and begging to sit on my lap any time I try to write more than a paragraph.  (She’s sitting on me right now drawing all over my desk.)  My kids are at the perfect ages to both be left on their own to play or watch cartoons for a little bit and to want my constant attention.  (Now she’s moved to sitting on top of a plastic storage bin and “reading” a book.  Nevermind that my husband’s family silver platters were already resting on top of the bin. ) Needless to say, I did not produce a great deal of word count this week.  It’s okay.  I did release two things in October after all. (Thank God for autosave because she just turned off my computer.  And now the boy wants some Life cereal because he didn’t care for the blueberry muffins I made for breakfast.)

This type of daily craziness coupled with the pressure I feel to make Rebellion as good as Day of Sacrifice (because I had no idea people would like it so much!) has got me in writing procrastination mode.  I think about Rebellion, plot in my head, and when I get a little time to sit down and write on it, I hate 90% of what I’ve come up with.  This too shall pass.  It always does.  I go through a period of procrastination and hatred with everything I write.  In fact, I’ve probably wrote this blog post before reminding myself to remember that this always happens. 🙂

So, today I’m not gonna worry about witches and angels.  I’m going to put together a bed and then make it up with a silly pink comforter printed with squirrels and owl and toadstools.  I’m going to figure out how to wrap a two foot long car carrier and clean my house for the family party we’re having tomorrow afternoon.  Then on Sunday, I’m going to make my husband take the kids somewhere and I’m going to sit down and write through the suck like I’ve trained myself to do.

Incidentally, I’ve got a giveaway starting tomorrow on Goodreads.  Enter to win one of two paperback copies of Glimmer.  It’s open to US and Canadian residents.

Have a great weekend everyone!   Sleep for me if you get the chance. 🙂

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