Challenge accepted!

We reached the midpoint of November this week, how are you doing with your NaNoWriMo goals?  I myself gave up after the first week.  I love giving stuff up, I always feel like I’m making a healthy decision for my brain.  The power of saying NO and all that crap.  I’ve almost completely given up Twitter too, and that’s been nice.  Still, I’ve got six short stories, Glow, and the Ben books to write, so I can’t let the giving up go on much longer.  Therefore, I have made a half-ass action plan, as is my way:

1. Finish Rebellion by the 30th.

2. Start the next short story immediately afterward.  Must not let DoS momentum die!

3. Begin writing Glow in January.  Have the first draft done by April.

4. Switch to writing DoS on the weekends while writing Glow.

How am I going to accomplish this stuff?  Glad you asked. I’m doing the A Round of Words in 80 Days writing challenge.  Kait Nolan came up with this awesome idea:  what if there was a writing challenge that didn’t force you to ignore your life for a month?  I’m on board as a sponsor and will definitely NOT be giving up this one.  Sign up-let’s write together!

6 thoughts on “Challenge accepted!

  1. You giver-upper, you! 😛 Your plan sounds good, busy but productive.

    I’m incredibly tempted to give up on NaNo this year – this month is freaking insane – but I can’t let it beat me. Plus, I have to get this done anyway and I’ve been slacking all year. *Grumbles*

    I’m still figuring out my plan for ROW80 – I’m thinking it might involve some plotting for a change. 😀

  2. Claire, I don’t think you should give up on NaNo. You were actually getting somewhere. I wrote 3,000 words of total crap. 🙂 November and December are the two craziest months of the year for me, followed by April and May. The first round of 80 days fits nicely into my window!

    Oh, plotting, how I wish I could get into you. Unfortunately, I’m hardwired for chaos. Ha!

  3. I have 30k worth of complete crap – I don’t know if that is worth celebrating. LOL. I keep falling asleep in the middle of sentences, waking up typing and not having any idea what I’m doing. Not good! I don’t know, I had so much fun writing the first one that I thought the sequel would be a piece of piss. Well . . . I was wrong. 😉

    Seriously, next year? I’m totally learning how to plot. 😀

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