Frickety Frack

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving?  We had a lovely meal at our house with lots of family and friends.  Way too much food, but that goes without saying. I’m also pleased with myself for throwing the turkey carcass out and for once not deluding myself that I was going to make soup with it only to have to throw out the freezer burnt turkey bits in May.  You know what?  I made stock everyday for two years in culinary school and sometimes even though I can make soup, I just don’t want to effin’ make soup.

On Friday I had to put my dog, Ophelia, to sleep.  Our lives had been intertwined since I was 20 and she wasn’t quite a year old.  She was an awesome dog and a great friend to me.  So, that sucked.

On Saturday, I cranked  the Christmas music and put up my tree.  Now, I know you pine smell fetishists out there will want to slap me on the hand (not to mention the entire state of Oregon-the Christmas tree farm of the US) but I must once again declare my love for my fake Christmas tree.  Best. Purchase. Ever.  That hunk of plastic has never let me down, never toppled over in the middle of the night and broken half of my ornaments or trapped one of the cats under its artificial branches.  And while I’m in a patting myself on the back for random things sort of mood, Yay! me for buying LED lights last year, that OMFG, all lit up this year with zero hassle!

On Sunday, my children were hell-bent on driving me nuts while I was trying to write, so we invited ourselves over to Sarah’s house, interrupted their football watching, and instead of being annoyed with us, they fed us pizza.  Yeah, I scored on the BFF front fur shure. Then we went out to dinner with my family and had cheeseburgers and pancakes.  I recommend capping off all holiday weekends this way. 🙂

This morning as I sat down to write this blog post, my other dog Chief, who has been wandering the house looking for Ophie and not eating, chose to snarf 3 days worth of food and then barf all over the playroom.  Then the boy launched into hysterics over not wanting to go to school and because the girl was eating cereal out of a yellow bowl.  A toddler fight ensued and my kitchen and family room floors were littered with Life cereal.  A bribe of getting to go to the grocery store before school was proposed and all seemed well, until I got the call to pick the boy up from school early.  I bundled the girl up and was met by the school secretary at the front door.  The principal had gotten him to calm down!  Back home the girl and I went.

When did I write during all of this?  In ten minute increments, in my head in the middle of the night.  I’m not going to make my goal of finishing Rebellion by the 30th, but I’ll be close.  I’m nearly to the kissy parts and those are fun to write and go quickly.  It will still be ready to go come January.  If God only gives us as much as we can handle, then he must think I can handle a buttload if the past several days are any indication.

*I would also like to add two other strange things:  The terrorist that tried to blow up the Christmas tree lighting in Portland lived down the street from me and our neighbors who we were friends with moved out of their house without telling us. (These two things are not related, but have made me question what kind of neighborhood I live in.)

And now for the eff of it:

3 thoughts on “Frickety Frack

  1. Ok, way to be empowered over the soup issue. Just say no.

    That does suck about Ophelia. I’m so very sorry.

    Tell me more about these LED no-hassle lights?? I’m starting to tilt toward the plastic tree dark-side, but I’m not quite there yet. It’s a weakness waiting to be exploited.

    Um, ok, the fact that I just imagined slipping a cheeseburger into a stack of pancakes and cutting down through all the layers with fork and that actually seemed like a not bad idea–um, yeah, I think I might be hungry.

    I called off school today because I-81 was slow n’ go from halfway up Pennsylvania down almost all the way through Virginia. We lost a few hours and were going to be disruptively late getting B from my parents, so I called and asked if I could just get her in the AM, and screw school today. Yeah, yeah, if she ever learns 8+1, this is totally on me. I’ve been dealing with the immediate consequences of this decision all day as she is ALL kinds of wound up from a long weekend with the G&G.

    Glad someone is getting some writing done. I did have all kinds of thoughts in the car on the drives this weekend. Of course, I didn’t write any of them down…

  2. When I saw the title, I thought don’t look back. :/

    So sorry about your dog, that would kill me. I let myself cry more for lost pets than people.

    Life is too short to make stock. There, I said it. I don’t make stock. I have a lot of takeaway menus too. 😉

    If I ever invite a remote control that pauses time, I’ll make you one for those can’t get no work done because the world is against it kind of days. Of those, I have many. It’s snowing here btw! In November! *Disbelief*

  3. @Susan- I bought LED x-mas lights last year for inside and out at K-mart, I think. They are nice and bright, don’t get hot, and last for years! (I was buying new lights every dang year!) They are more expensive, but definitely worth it.

    We ate our cheeseburgers and pancakes separately, but I am also not grossed out by the idea of enjoying them together. 😉

    @Claire- Please invent that remote, I could really use one! It snowed here last week too, but not nice snow, icy icky snow. It was early for us too, we usually get that kind of weather in January. It is now back to being cold and rainy like it should be.

    Thanks ladies for your nice words about Ophie. 😦 She was my first baby and I miss her bunches.

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