Have you heard?

I often wonder if you readers that aren’t writers give a crap when we post stuff about sales and writing and the process.  It’s the beginning of a new month and this is when those types of posts abound.  November was good for a lot of us indies, at whatever point on the writing journey we’re on.  I’ve decided to trust that my sales will increase every month as long as I keep putting out new work.

After I took the kids to a hellish Christmas photo session at JC Penney’s yesterday, my mom was nice enough to keep them for the afternoon so I could get some writing done.  I ended up writing about 3,000 words on Rebellion, to my great relief.  There is a story to be told!  For awhile there I was worried.

So, don’t know if you all heard, but I’ve got a contest going on over at my Facebook fan page.  From a week ago until Dec. 13th, the person who gets the most people to “like” my fan page can either choose one of my books or to have their name in Glow.  As of today, two people have added the page.  Contest fail.  Well, Facebook fan page name fail to begin with.  (And I repeat, I got some bad intel and didn’t know you couldn’t change the name of the fan page!!!!)  Anyways, if you are on Facebook, won’t you add my page and tell your readerly friends?  There’s a book or Glow recognition in it for you. 🙂

Whatcha reading?  Right now I’m reading Torn by Amanda Hocking and then after that I’m going to read Thirst by Claire Farrell.  I am also STILL reading The Passage. (I hope to finish it by January for crying out loud!!)

This Wednesday’s Glee Good Cry of the week is sponsored by Dirty Dancing and my 13-year-old self.  Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Have you heard?

  1. I don’t know how long you’ve been indie, but be aware that sales tend to go in cycles. You’ll be high, then once you hit whatever “your” peak is for right now, you’ll stay there for a little while, then you’ll start to sink like a rock. A new release reverses that and starts the cycle again. Also, you’ll have sales cycles related to your genre and when readers tend to buy the most.

    You may have already experienced this and know this, but if you haven’t, thought I would throw that out there so you don’t freak out and get discouraged when it happens. It’s a natural ebb and flow.

  2. @zoe- I’ve been doing this since April and had definitely reached the peak for Glimpse in September. I understand what you’re saying about cycles, because when I published two things in October, Glimpse started selling well again. I’m hoping I can ride this current increase through the holidays until I publish the next DoS story in January. I also know that when Susan or Amanda put out a book, that helps me too because we’re all tied together in the Other Books People Bought thing on Amazon. I know that at some point my sales are going to drop, I think I was just trying to get myself ready for it. February? That seems like a month that will suck. 🙂

    @Lauralynn- When everyone was selling so great in June/July, I believe I sold a total of 12 books- across all companies and in both print and e. lol Viva January!!!

  3. Don’t say that. *Panic Attack*

    I had already liked it, sorry. If you do a note on Facebook about it, I can share it.

    I’m trying to read but I’m still sleeping off November so not getting far. (The baby is teething so sleeping is more of a distant goal than an option). I did pick up a freebie from Smashwords, Soul Identity, and was surprised by how intriguing the first chapter is. I have high hopes!

    I’m trying to work on a post inspired by your buy indie for the holidays post. So. Many. Books. :/

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