Stay in skool

I’m letting my son stay home from preschool and I’m having that weird feeling that I used to get when I played hooky from work that we will be discovered doing something we’re not supposed to be doing, like watching Cartoon Network instead of practicing “Away in a Manger” for the Christmas play. (Ha.  Before kids that sentence would have read: Sneaking into the movies and then going to the bar at 3 pm.)  He’s not sick, he just hates school.  Hates it enough to throw a screaming, crying, begging tantrum every time he has to go.  It upsets his sister, it upsets me, and I just don’t feel like dealing today.  But the guilt!  The school is paid for!  Today is the last day of practice for the Christmas play! We just had the weekend!  Oy. As penance I will be doing 6 loads of laundry, taking the kids grocery shopping, and cleaning the house…eventually.  For now we watch the Scooby-doo.

Over at author Belinda Kroll’s blog, she has made a list of indies to buy from this holiday season.  She has included other indies besides authors and I’d like to add my friend Lorilee’s handmade wooden toys to the list.  You can find Lorilee on etsy here.  Her Mama Kopp toys are awesome and she is a woodworking fiend.  If you have little ones, her toys are something different to give them this holiday season.

I also got a good giggle at this post by ScaryMommy this morning. As the mother of a December baby-my daughter’s birthday is December 27th-I can relate. 

I realize I’ve done nothing but talk about my kids this morning, which was not what I set out to write about when I put my butt in my office chair.  Sometimes you just gotta go with it.  This is my life. And there is always the next blog post to write.

Rest assured I made awesome progress on Rebellion this weekend.  Got another couple thousand words down and left my characters in two precarious situations that I will spend the rest of the story getting them out of.  It’s nice when I can get things set up and then have a clear idea of what I’m going to write when I get a chance to do it.

Everyone have a happy Monday and, shhhh!, don’t tell Mrs. Sweeney what we’re doing!

6 thoughts on “Stay in skool

  1. Homeschooling has occurred to me. 🙂 I just thought I wouldn’t have to think about it until Jr. High. My friend Lorilee who has the Etsy shop is a homeschooler and absolutely loves it. I don’t know if I have the patience for it. I need the kids to go someplace else every once in awhile. Ha!

  2. Mine stayed home today, the ground was way too icy to expect my clumsy kids to stay on their feet. 🙂 My daughter is in playschool – I think that’s the equivalent to preschool – and she hates it sometimes. I think it’s one of the “teachers” she doesn’t like. When she first started, it was easier to keep her home than deal with her freaking out. Plus, I was pregnant at the time and had no patience for anything. 🙂

    He’ll be okay, maybe you could cut down his hours or days for a few weeks until he calms down. He might be feeling a little insecure still, can you stay in the school with him or let him bring his favourite blanket/toy with him? I used to promise my daughter we would pick her up in a little while and stay in the room until she got distracted and started playing by herself. It helped that she was the only girl in the class and got all the attention when she walked in. *eye-roll*

  3. I think what happened was that when he started doing fine and enjoying school, I volunteered in his class twice. Then he wanted me there every time. That’s what I get for volunteering! :)He’s only got three more classes until winter break, so hopefully he can hold it together. I volunteered (again, ugh) to lead games at the Christmas party on the 15th. Wish me luck with my sugared up kid wrangling on that day!

    1. Good luck, you’ll most certainly need it. 😛

      Poor little fella, I hate when they get so upset. My eldest didn’t go to playschool because we were supposed to move and didn’t have his name down in time. I know, bad mammy. Anyway, he would act up when he first started school, he was only four and wanted me to bring him but I was pregnant with the twins and don’t drive so I never brought him. I know, worse mammy!

      Point is (yes, I do actually have one), he only got upset around me then when he left with his Daddy, he was fine. So, if your boy is still upset in the New Year, maybe someone else could take him for you?

      Um, sorry for all the Mammy talk, see what you started now? 😉

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