Lights! Camera! Action!

Good morning!  I have something very exciting to share with all of you today.  Kristian Dalglish from True Story Films has made a killer book trailer for Glimpse!  Check it out here on my facebook page.  While you’re there, why not become a fan of Glimpse?  (See how I snuck that in?  Sneaked? Snookered?)

Glimpse also has the distinction of getting another 4 star review today and its first 1 star review! (I don’t even think Persnickety Snark hated it that much!) Here’s a link to the 4 star review by Jessica Subject over at Mark of the Stars if you’d like to read it.  Don’t think I’ll link to the 1 star review, but it’s up on Amazon for all the world to see.

Over at Claire Farrell’s blog, Doing It Write Now, she’s picked the top indie books she’s read this year.  I’ve read a few on the list (and wrote one, tee hee) but they all sound fabulous.  So many to choose from!

Have a great Wednesday everyone and stop by tomorrow for a super fun giveaway surprise!


7 thoughts on “Lights! Camera! Action!

  1. Wiggles! Welcome to our TV show…
    Thanks for sticking that in my head.

    I’m clipping my rant to send to you privately. Because I really want to use language I don’t want to use in public.

  2. I just read the 1 star. Seriously? And that’s what I wanted to respond with. I loved both books and I can’t imagine someone feeling this way about one of them. Some people just like to be nasty. I’ve had a couple of reviews where the people seemed to enjoy giving their expert 1 star opinion. I almost responded to the review, but then I wondered if someone would just think, “That’s just one of her friends responding.”

  3. You guys are sweet. 🙂 Why bother responding to 1 star, I’m not even sure they read the book. I say this because in order for someone to dislike something so much they’d have to have reasons, right? It’s probably written by another author or friend of an author whose book isn’t selling as well. LOL And, really, lots of books are selling better than mine, so watch out! 1 star might be coming for you! Ratings destruction by vague remark! Ack.

    What’d you think of my kickass book trailer? That’s what I’m all about today.

  4. I just copied your idea. 🙂

    Congrats on the 1star! It’s a funny one but still. Lots of people say they don’t trust books with only 4 and 5 stars so you’ve officially made it. 😉

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