Everybody wins!

The winners of the Portal Kindle Kisses contest are: Grace Clark, Jennifer (Book Noise), Jessica Subject, Lauralynn Elliott, Jessica Armenta, Keri Michelle Wiley, and Ashlynn Monroe.  I’ve just now sent the books out ladies, so look for them in your e-mail boxes!

I’m sure that it is probably snowing like a mutha where some of you live.  Since I live in the Pacific Northwest, it is raining like one.  And…I have a flat roof house.  Our roof is leaking in several different places and the hubs is at work, so it’s up to me to go rid the roof of its swimming pool effect.  Have I mentioned that I’ve actually fallen off the roof before?  Into a pile of holly bush clippings?  I hoping there will not be a repeat accident this morning.

The last time the roof leaked this much was two years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter.  We’d had a blizzard and there was 2 feet of melting snow on the roof.  Water was coming in through all the overhead light fixtures.  The only upside was when my water broke on Dec. 27th, there were towels on the floor already, so I didn’t ruin any of the Pergo. 🙂

Wish me luck! I kinda feel like a Pioneer woman about the whole deal.

7 thoughts on “Everybody wins!

  1. I managed to clean the roof off without injury! 🙂 I couldn’t climb all the way on top of it-I’m too short. I guess my husband helped me up and not down that ill-fate time. ha! I had to use the children’s gardening tools to scrape the leaves away, not that there were that many. Just TOO MUCH WATER!! Ack. We’re gonna need a new roof next summer. Better sell more books! lol

  2. LOL, glad to hear you made it off okay! You sound like me!
    When our satellite gets covered in snow I used to hang out the Kitchen window (over the sinks) two story’s up and shot at it with a paint gun until I knocked the snow off. Now, my son’s old enough and DH isn’t travelling as much so I don’t have to do it anymore! That sucker was 3 story’s up! Good thing I’m good at paint ball :O]

    We’ve got snow instead of rain but it’s getting all sleety–blech! Sorry bout the new roof :o[

    Congrats to the winners! That was an awesome contest and an amazing book! Very cool of you to host such a great contest-Kindle Kisses, I love the name!

  3. So glad you’re safe!

    Hey, did I forget to leave my email in my comment? I didn’t get an email with my copy of Portal. :0) It may take awhile after you sent it for it to show up, but I’m really bad at forgetting to leave my contact info. LOL

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