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The winners of Forsaken by Shadow are: Reena Jacobs, Cricket, Scott Steele, Keri Wiley, Sarah Scott, and Grace Clark.  I just sent the books out!  Enjoy!

What to chat about today?  I’ve got a lot of bookiness buzzing around in my brain.  First up: Glimmer has received two reviews in the last two days that were vastly different, but both well written. One here from Liz of Planet Print and the other here from Mundie Moms.  I think the main point of contention with Glimmer is, “do you like sex in your YA or not?”  I maintain that I do and that is why I read all the Twilight books, only to be a little annoyed when the Bella/Edward sex scene was so tame.  But I’m an adult, right?  I can read whatever I want to.  Well, that’s always been true for me.  My parents forbade me from watching Little Angels, but didn’t give a crap that I read Danielle Steele when I was 10.  So, that’s who I turned out to be.  All books are good.  It’s reading. (My husband’s mom took him to see Apocalypse Now when he was like, 6, so my children are most likely never going to know from the censorship. 🙂 )

I finally finished The Passage by Justin Cronin last night. (You can read my totally inept review right there at the top.  Ha!)  I would definitely recommend this book to my serious reader friends.  People who like a challenge. If you mostly read romance, this book is not for you. I’m a fast reader and it took me nearly 3 months to get through.  The story is really interesting and at times hard to wrap your brain around, but worth it in the end.  You will cry and be pissed off and be surprised.

To cleanse the palate, I started Last Sacrifice, Vampire Academy #6 right after.  I’m barely into it-in the recapping stage at the moment.  I kind of hate the recapping stage of most books (even my own) but Richelle Mead usually doesn’t hang out there too long.  Again, who the hell is going to pick up the sixth book in a series and start from there?

Still working on Rebellion.  I thought I’d be done by now, but I’ve got a sick kid and copious Christmas festivities this weekend, so things are slow going.  I got lots of writing in two days this week.  It will still be out in January as promised!

OMG, I cannot wait to start on the A Round of Words in 80 Days challenge!  Glow is pestering me to be written and I have so many idears!  It’s going to be a blast.  All you writerly types should sign up and take the ride with me.

That’s it.  Happy Friday.  Enjoy your weekend!


7 thoughts on “Title-y title

  1. I like to read books like The Passage when I have PLENTY of time. LOL. I read in so many different genres that people might think I have multiple personality disorder. :0) I’ll be glad when Glow is out. Can’t wait to read it. I’m going to do something a little different for ROW80. Something geared a little more toward horror. And hope I don’t fail miserably.

  2. Pure eeeeevil, those garden gnomes. 🙂 My sister has a collection and they are definitely creepy.

    Also, I meant Little Darlings, not Little Angels. This has nothing to do with you, Lauralynn, I just remembered in the shower and thought I should correct myself on such an important matter. Ha!

  3. My mom has written me on Facebook to tell me that she in no way condoned my reading of her Danielle Steele novels at age 10. I don’t remember her ever telling me not to. She is the same woman who got me hooked on As the World Turns in first grade, so I’m skeptical. 🙂

  4. I’m with you on the recapping stage. For some novels, it seems to make up half the book. Funny thing, the parts from prior stories I want to know about are never in the book, and I find myself digging through my old novels in search of details.

    FYI: I got the goodie you sent me. 🙂 Thanks a bundle!

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