ROW80 Goals

I finally finished Rebellion today-only a month behind schedule!  Goooooo me! 🙂  Now I’m ready for ROW80.  Here are my goals:

*Write 500 words a day.

*Edit and publish Rebellion next week.

*Work primarily on Glow, the final Zellie Wells book.

*Work on Dormant, the third DoS story when Glow starts pissing me off. (Trust me, it will and I shall shun it for a couple of days to get the characters to behave.)

*Complete a serviceable first draft of Glow to be edited and finished during the next round of ROW80.

*Complete and publish Dormant.

*Come up with the general plot for the next DoS story which I will write in the next round.

It seems like a lot when I list it like that, but it’s what I would be doing anyway- apart from the writing 500 words a day and finishing the first draft of Glow.  That’s the whole point of doing a writing challenge, though, y’know the whole challenge aspect.  I’m excited to be involved!

You can read other participants goals here.


8 thoughts on “ROW80 Goals

  1. Wow! It does seem like quite a list. But like you said, it is a challenge. 🙂

    An image of a rider wearing spurs and hunched over a horse comes to mind. I know I’ve offended some horse lover out there, but I can’t help the imagination. 🙂

  2. Good luck with ROW80.

    I have decided to participate also. After I successful failed NanoWrioMo I was excited to see another writing challenge. Nano was just too intense for a someone reintroducing themselves to writing.

    Our goals are similar to write 500 words a day and work on editing other material.

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