I might get crazy and have a beer.

Happy New Year’s Eve to you all!  I hope you guys have some exciting plans for this evening because somebody should!  I’m going to go out to dinner (maybe) and to the movies (maybe), but what I’d really like to do is stay at home and write.  When did this happen to me?  I used to be more exciting than this, I promise.

I already laid out my writing goals for the year the other day in my ROW80 post, but I do have an addendum.  I was invited to write a short story for an anthology, so I need to write on that too.  It’s supposed to be pretty short, though.  I’m kind of tempted to write it this weekend.

As far as non-writing goals go, I’d like to lose another 30 lbs. in 2011.  It can take all year, I don’t care, and if it turns out to only be 10 that would be fine too.

That’s it!  I’ll talk at you all again on Monday when ROW80 kicks off!  Have a wonderful weekend and be safe tonight.


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