Monkeying around

My whole family is tuckered out from New Year’s Eve.  The kids spent the night at my parents, which means they had a good 24 hours with two playmates more willing than my husband and I are. 🙂  The hubs and I did end up going out to dinner last night, but all the movies started too late and I didn’t want to ring in the new year in a movie theatre, so we went to our neighborhood bar instead.  Nobody got too rowdy and we were home before the ball dropped west coast time, but for some reason I decided to have a respectable amount of beers and a wee bit of vodka-resulting in some good New Years Day lethargy.

My daughter was too tired to actually take a nap this afternoon, so around 4 she fell asleep on my lap while I was messing around on the internet.  I can’t really type while pinned under a toddler, so I decided to do some copy and paste work on all my book descriptions on Amazon. 

Glimpse, Glimmer, and Day of Sacrifice all had things that needed to be changed on their Amazon pages. I took the block of reviews off of the Glimpse description area.  When you look it up on the kindle the reviews all run together and the description is way down at the bottom.  I’m sure I’ve lost sales because people couldn’t figure out what the hell the book was about.  I also updated the categories it is listed under, removing two of the juvenile fiction categories and replacing them with fiction categories instead.  More adults than teens are reading my YA books.  I thought it couldn’t hurt to get more exposure in categories that adults looked up more often. 

On Glimmer I removed a duplicate author blurb and also changed two of the categories.  Day of Sacrifice had the most things to change and I’d been putting off messing with it, but Rebellion is publishing this week, so now was the time.  Like with Glimpse, I didn’t have the description first.  I swapped it for the “warning” (basically I just had a small blurb that DoS is not YA and that it is also a short story).  I removed the last Orange House Press from the publisher section and changed a couple of its categories too.  I wanted to credit my husband and Alex Bennett for the work they both did on the cover, but the offered selections kind of suck.  There isn’t a Cover Design choice, which is what I really needed.  I didn’t want to put illustrator because I don’t want people thinking there are pictures in the story.  Same with photographer.  Ah well, I’ll figure out a way to get them credit.

The reason I’m sharing all of this minutiae with you guys is that because I made these changes, I don’t have anything for sale on Amazon right now.  I suppose I could have changed them one at a time, but I think we all know I’m a jump right in there kind of gal. 🙂  At any rate, since I didn’t change the file on any of them, I’m hoping they will be back up by Monday.

Also, a word about Monday:  It’s the first day of ROW80 and I will be writing a post to my team, but it’s the first day back at school for the boy and I’ve got to take the girl to the pediatrician for her 2 year check up, so the post will be up in the afternoon.  Talk at you all then. 🙂

Here’s to a great 2011!!

4 thoughts on “Monkeying around

  1. Stacey, it looks like your books are still up on Amazon. It says I can buy them. I thought that if you changed anything, the old version stays up until the new version is active. I’ve heard two different stories on that, but it does look like yours are still there.

    1. Nervous new author here- I just changed my book’s blurb and kind of freaked because I, too, heard conflicting info about whether or not this would take the whole thing down. I’ve heard horror stories about this but I was really unhappy with the blurb, even though it’s only been up on Amazon for like three days. But the old version still seems up and available. (Crossing fingers)
      Also, is it too late to get involved with ROW80? It sounds inspiring and interesting. And Stacey, I’m in awe that you can type with a toddler on your lap. Your girls must be angels. Mine would have tried to eat the mouse.

  2. They are still there! Well, yay, that’s nice. Other times I’ve changed stuff they’ve come down completely.
    *Attention* You can still see examples of jacked up book descriptions on my Amazon pages for another day or so. 🙂

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