Happy ROW80 Day!

It’s noon and I’m just getting to all the things I need to get to today.  This is my life.  I spent the morning arguing with/bribing the boy about going to school and then when we got there…well, it doesn’t start until Wednesday.  Oops!  I’m still on the line for a Sponge Bob chia pet and a trip to Burger King.  The girl had her two-year-old check up and is doing swell, although she decided to clam up and not say a word to the doctor.  Nevermind she talks non-stop at home!

I’m about 1,000 words from being done with the short story I started writing on Friday, so before I begin working on Glow, I’m going to finish that up.  That’s my writing goal for today.  I’m also going to read all the goal posts from my “team” in ROW80…and take down the outside Christmas decorations and do laundry, laundry, laundry.  It never stops!!!

Feeling pretty good about this whole writing thing at the moment and I’m sending out good vibes to all the ROW80 participants.

5 thoughts on “Happy ROW80 Day!

  1. Man I wish that had been work this morning. I would have loved to have gotten here and found out it didn’t start until Wednesday. I’d have gone straight back to bed!

  2. Oh, that laundry. Why can’t they invent self-cleaning clothes?

    Don’t feel too bad about the morning school incident. I once rushed my son out the door so fast, afraid we were going to be late, only to find out we were an hour early…I’d only looked at the minute hand of the clock. I guess that’s where digital clocks come in handy! Anyway, my son still hasn’t let me live it down.

    And good luck with finishing the story!

  3. I was a little confused about who my team was because we had two links…one when everyone first signed up and another one when goals were posted. And the numbers were different. But I figured out since the check in links are the ones that are relevant, that we are supposed to use the goal posts (hey is that like in football?) because the original people signing up may have changed their minds anyway since they didn’t post goals. At least I think I’m understanding it correctly. LOL In which case, since I have the 3’s, and you’re number 13, you’re on my team. Hee hee. I wasn’t sure if the sponsors were part of the other sponsors’ teams or not. But sponsors need encouragement, too. :0)

    1. I was also cornfused, because there are sponsors on my team too, but hey, I need all the encouragement I can get!

      I managed to finish the story and nothing else on my to-do list. I learned a very important lesson- Never say you only have 1K left to write because it turns into 3K. 🙂

      Also, being #13 kicks ass. It is my lucky number!

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