Only you can prevent the suck fire from spreading

Happy Wednesday!  Today is all about editing and formatting. 

My goal is to get Rebellion formatted and up on Smashwords this morning and work on Pubit and Amazon this afternoon. 

I would also like to get in 500 words on Glow.  I started it yesterday-totally scrapped the beginning I’d written a couple of months ago-and am really liking where it’s going.  This is why I’m not a traditional plotter, if I want to change something on the fly, I just change it and don’t have to lament over messing with an outline that I put a lot of time into.  Of course, this means I have no idea where the middle of Glow is going, but I’ll get there.  Still know how it’s all going to end, though!

I got notes back on the anthology piece from Sarah.  I think the title is going to be Listen, but don’t hold me to it.  I have got to change one whole scene because we decided I was basically giving the entire climax of Glimmer away. What is an anthology piece good for if people don’t have to read your other books because they know what happened?  Duh.  I kinda got caught up in the story.  What can I say? Heh heh.  No big deal, it’s, like, an hour’s work.

Still really pleased with the way ROW80 is going even though the rest of my life has kind of sucked this week.  Well, it’s Wednesday, so the whole week hasn’t been given a chance to suck yet.  Maybe it won’t?  I suppose I’m the one that can do something about that. 🙂

I’m off to formatting hell.  It gets easier with each book, but I still don’t love it!

Keep on keepin’ on, writerly people!

See how everyone’s doing here.

11 thoughts on “Only you can prevent the suck fire from spreading

  1. Cheer up! LOL Thank you for making my Smashwords cart just a bit larger. Oh yeah, and I’m getting the hard copy of Glimmer soon! Cuz you know, I NEED real paper books!

    1. I had a heckuva time formatting DoS and Glimmer in October, so I thought I’d better go back to the beginning and go step by step through the Smashwords style guide. Must remember to do that every time. Saved me a lot of headaches. I am getting better at formatting for kindle every time-or at least I only had to redo everything twice this time around instead of the usual four. 🙂

  2. Woot! That’s a lot to get done so soon in the ROW80 time line. I have to say I love the Smashwords formatting guide… I always go through that before I even attempt to format a new book.

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