Tuesday is the new Monday

Greetings!  It feels like we’re having a snow day at the Benefiel house, even though it isn’t supposed to snow until tonight.  By not getting myself or the kids out of our pajamas (it is now 2 in the afternoon) I have basically confined us to our house.  I didn’t have any plans to go anywhere today, but if we do end up having a real snow day tomorrow I may regret the laziness of today. 🙂

The girl woke me up a little before 6 this morning and on days like this I’m pretty useless at writing.  But since being a writer is my job, I have to find other things to do that take less brain power.  The other day I changed my Twitter handle from @MomJeans1975 to @Stacey_WB.  Today I decided it was finally time to tackle the hell that has been my Facebook fan page. 

Way back in the beginning of all this I got some cruddy advice that you should make a fan page for every book you publish.  Therefore my FB fan page was named Glimpse-Zellie Wells Book 1.  Catchy, ain’t it?  Who the hell is going to be able to find me with THAT as the name?  Also, it was linked directly to my personal FB profile.  Well, if you friended me because you like my books, I’m not sure you’re all that interested in reading my status updates about my kids and the Ducks or seeing pictures of me in 1993 wearing  my leather motorcycle jacket drinking Jack Daniels when I was in college. (I don’t know, maybe you do.  I told you all I used to be cool.) 

Some of you are still on my personal page because we talk about stuff other than writing or we’ve just newly become friends and I didn’t want you to think I was dissing you.  Feel free to unfriend me on my personal page and refriend me on my author page.  The author page link is here.  I deleted all the people I never talk to who just like to send me spam.  If you’re one of those people (which I’m thinking none of you are) then, yes, I was dissing you.

How are everyone’s sales?  I can’t tell.  I think mine are steady.  They are more than the first weeks of December but less than the last weeks of December.  Rebellion has been doing okay-I’m still waiting for more reviews to come in.  A word about rankings: It would be much appreciated if people would adjust their number of stars from Goodreads to Amazon accordingly.  On GR a 2 is “I thought it was okay,” on Amazon a 2 is “Didn’t like it.”  And so on.  I’ve been getting some 3’s on Amazon that really should be 4’s is what I’m sayin.’  Some people adjust and some don’t.  I’m also mentioning this because one of my books has ten 5 star reviews and one 2 star review, which kind of makes the 2 star person look mean, but it’s actually a good review.

Wasn’t I going to stop reading reviews? LOL

One last thing before I go clean up the latest disaster my kids have made (I’ve mopped up both milk and apple juice today, swept up Play-Doh, and picked dog food out of the bark dust in the atrium.  There is now talk of finger painting.) I’m not even going to recommend that you all read Jenny Pox by J.L. Bryan, I’m just gonna tell you to do it. 🙂  I thought it was a phenomenal book and if you liked Glimpse, you’ll love it.

Back tomorrow for an ROW80 update.  Until then, here’s a killer review of Rebellion from Jennifer at Book Noise.


7 thoughts on “Tuesday is the new Monday

  1. How are everyone’s sales? How can you tell until B & N gets their act together??? At least mine are doing pretty well on Amazon. But my rank is much higher on B & N. So who knows?

    I agree with you about the stars. One time I was reading this really great review…but then I saw it was 3 stars, and I just didn’t get that. I actually go the other direction. I do Goodreads like I’m supposed to do Amazon. That way I’ll err on the side of the author. I’ll rarely give a 3 star review. I gave one recently because I read a book I knew I wouldn’t really like because I felt obligated. But generally, with the samples, I’m pretty good at picking 4 and 5 star books. If I happen to read one I didn’t like, I usually just won’t review. Because it could just be my opinion…which could be wrong. LOL

    1. Yeah, B & N is screwing up big time. I’ve changed my sales numbers for December 4 times on my spreadsheet. And I have no idea how many I’ve sold since the 3rd. Glimpse was finally doing well on there-not great like you all’s, but good! And now I have no way to gauge how many books=ranking.

      I actually don’t write reviews very often because I don’t know why anyone would care what I think. 🙂 But when I do, I get my stars right! I recently gave a three on GR that I still feel bad about-but 3 is I liked it! And I did, it just wasn’t what I normally read and was therefore bound to not be my most favorite book ever.
      But, again, who care what I think?

      1. I care what you think, Stacey! :0)

        I’ve had to change my spreadsheet 3 times. So right now, I’m just going to use their figures and not even do a spreadsheet until they get their act together. More December sales came in today!

  2. Hi Stacey, I love the slice-of-life nature of your blog posts. Keep up the great writing. Tomorrow may be snow day #2 for me. Sigh…

  3. I hauled my xmas tree out, which was dry as anything and too big for me. On the way out I knocked over a cup of apple cider, which I just assumed the dog would clean up for me. When I got back to it, I realized he had passed it up because of all the pine needles in it, which were, by that time, stuck to the floor. Further, my daughter, who had been eating sprinkles out the jar, spilled a fair amount of them over that mess, and then ground them in with her roller skates. All in all, it had nice color and texture.

    Sales have been steady. Of course, no one knows what’s up at BN, but my rank has been steady so I assume sales are ok. Amazon has been steadily good this month. Both rank and sales are better than usual. I have thoughts on sales, rank, and the post-xmas season which are either forming themselves into a post in my head or organizing to escape my brain altogether.

    I like your PSA: Low ratings make you look like a putz. I have a way with the paraphrase, I know. But yeah, it can be unpleasant when people don’t adapt their rating to the site. Like the person who described a 4 as “wait for a sale/coupon” and didn’t adjust (at first, I think she may have said something later) for the fact that the book was 99 cents which leaves one going, what do you want?? I didn’t even realize that’s what 2 meant on GR. It feels harsher than that, but possibly explains why ratings are usually overall lower there than everywhere else. I thought it was just because the bookish people there were pickier.

    Tomorrow is snow day #11 for us. I should also start counting how many days in a row there has been no school. Including weekends because that’s more dramatic. Done. Tomorrow will be day #22 of straight no schoolin’.

    1. First of all, I’m glad someone else lets their kid eat sprinkles. 🙂 Secondly, how can you not let your kid eat sprinkles when they’ve been out of school for 22 days? Jeez louise. I would be CRAY-CRAY by now. Hang in there!

      I’m interested to hear your thoughts on Amazon sales and will wait for the post when you get around to it. You know I can’t analyze anything for shit.
      I looked after Lauralynn commented and found more December sales on BN too. WTF BN OMG FU They must have puts someone with my skillz in the accounting department.
      I’m good with steady sales at Amazon and my new goal is 1K Glimpse in a month. Probably will happen after I put Glow out in June. 🙂

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