ROW80 update 3-SWB

Our snow storm turned out to be flurries that turned to ice that turned to plain old Oregon rain.  It’s going to be 50 tomorrow.  So, I don’t have to worry about the weather apocalypse.  Yay!  Hopefully I’ll get more time to write today.  Also, the girl still woke me up before the ass crack of dawn, but I went to bed much earlier and am pretty well-rested.  My brain is in the game today!

Sunday- re-edited the short story for the anthology (it’s now call If You Leave).  Took out a whole chunk and added 300 words back in.  Sunday seems like a good day for me to get some non-Glow writing done.  I’m going to try to start Dormant this next Sunday.

Monday- 714 words on Glow.

Tuesday-216 words on Glow.  I was too tired to write much that was coherent. 🙂  I did edit the first scene and think I’m going to stop cycling all the way back to the beginning every time I write on Glow as I am declaring the first scene DONE.  I switched to my new Facebook page from my fan page and had to update all my websites and profiles accordingly. Wrote an exceedingly long and rambling blog post.

Wednesday- Just the update for now.  I’ll check back in with my word count later.

Happy Wednesday!  Keep up the good work everyone!


6 thoughts on “ROW80 update 3-SWB

    1. Living in Louisiana, the whole city would shut down if we had a hint of snow…in fact, it has. Glad it didn’t turn out as badly as predicted and even happier about your novel progress!

  1. Keep on pluggin’! I’ve got an anthology short story I need to get started on (perhaps after my trip over the long weekend). And maybe that’s how I need to approach it. Focus on it during weekends and Red during the week…who knows. Still waiting for my hero for Red to cooperate and talk to me.

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