ROW80 update 4-SWB

Man, do I appreciate my parents so much more now that they’ve been on vacation for a week!  My house is a mess and my kids are full of fruit snacks and microwave taquitos, but I did pretty good.

*Write 500 words a day.  I wrote 300 words on If You Leave on Sunday. M-714 on Glow. T-216 on Glow. W-516 on Glow. Th-0 words, read Ascend by Amanda Hocking instead. F-681 on Glow. Sa-903 on Glow.  I wrote 3,030 on Glow all together and averaged 606 a day, even with taking a day off.

I also uploaded a reformatted copy of Glimpse on Friday with an excerpt of Jenny Pox in the back.  Do you all do this?  Susan Bischoff gave me the idea and we’ve traded excerpts of Glimpse and Hush Money as well.  So, I read Jenny Pox by J.L.Bryan, I thought it was a fabulous book and that we had similar readership.  I e-mailed him (we’re “friends” on several social media dealios) and asked if he would like to trade excerpts.  He did, so we are.  Yay for easy marketing!  If you guys read an indie book that you think would have similar readership to yours, it doesn’t hurt to ask (nicely) if that author would trade excerpts with you.  They can say no, and that is fine, but you don’t know until you ask!

Hey YAer’s Glimmer doesn’t have an excerpt buddy.  Let’s spread the indie love and travel up the bestseller lists together!

*Work primarily on Glow, the final Zellie Wells book. Excluding Sunday, all my word count went toward Glow.  I’d set up another goal to write 3,000 words a week and I came in just a tiny bit over that.  I think 500/day- 3,000/week is a good fit for me.

*Work on Dormant, the third DoS story when Glow starts pissing me off. (Trust me, it will and I shall shun it for a couple of days to get the characters to behave.) I’m going to start working on Dormant tomorrow.  I’ve decided Sunday is my day to comment on ROW80 posts and work on non-Glow stuff.

*Come up with the general plot for the next DoS story which I will write in the next round.  I know the characters the next story is going to be about and now have a good idear what the basic plot will be.  The main characters will be Alexander and Meagan.  Lots of people have enjoyed getting to know Alexander in Rebellion, so  that positive reinforcement has helped me come up with what his story will be about.

*What I’m thinking I’ll do is post my updates on W and Su and blog one other day. So, still three times a week, but different days. I did manage to get all three blog posts in this week.

I would love to get in more word count, especially on those 200 word days, so that I can make my goal of finishing a first draft of Glow by the end of round one.  But, seeing as the girl has decided 2:30 is an acceptable time to wake up for the day, I think I’m just going to have to do what I can and hope for the best.

Talk at y’all again on Wednesday, the day my parents are back!  I have big dreams of hiding from everyone and living in my office for a couple of days. 🙂

Good luck in week 3 you guys!  I’m always on the internet if you need to chat.

20 thoughts on “ROW80 update 4-SWB

  1. Sounds like you’re moving right along, Stacey. You’re doing really well.

    I think trading excerpts is a good idea. Kait and I did that once. And Kait mentioned me in Devil’s Eye. And at the end of Haunted Lake, I said that if you like PR or YA…then mentioned you, Kait, Susan, and Michelle. Maybe someone else, I can’t remember, LOL.

    Even though authors are in competition with each other, it’s friendly competition, and it amazes me how much indies are willing to help each other.

    1. I didn’t know you mentioned me! Thank you!
      You know what it is? I think for a long time most of us were going this alone. I didn’t even really have friends that were writers, and if they were we never talked about writing. Now I don’t feel alone in the pursuit and I don’t want anyone else to feel alone either. 🙂

  2. I think authors do some sort of switching or have beta readers. I’m probably one of the few who don’t. I keep my work private, even the title. The only people who read are family. When I’m at the stage of completion, meaning, I can’t do any other damage, I plan to send it off to an editing service. Goodness knows, I need one. 🙂

  3. Okay, I’m a goob. I forgot to mention about your week. I’ve been reading how your days going on twitter and facebook, that you were able to get any words done is so amazing. Pat yourself on the back. The rest of us would have taken off. 🙂

  4. Good schtuff so far, despite everything. Although I kinda wish I had a lend of your parents every now and then. LOL.

    And no, I don’t do that. For obvious reasons. 😀

    Best of luck next week!

  5. I don’t even think you need a challenge to get all this stuff done. Wow, you’re doing great!

    I love the trading excerpts idea. I remember Susan talking about it way back. When I have a book to hold an excerpt, I want to do that too.

    1. I was such a massive failure at NaNoWriMo that I had to step up my game for ROW80! I think knowing that I set my own goals makes it easier for me to get stuff done. 🙂

      I think everyone should do the excerpt thing when they get the chance. It’s also a great way to start a dialogue with an author you like.

  6. think your’e doing well -the extract idea sounds good – however I am still trying to work out what I write and can’t seem to find any one else who writes sim. well maybe 1 or 2! – I shall keep looking in the meantime keep up good work – how you mothers do it I shake my head in the wonder of it

  7. Hey, this is awesome. I’m totally going to whine at you, and you’re on my ROW80 check-in roster (yeah, I know I’m way late) so this totally counts as work.

    My parents go to Florida every year after Christmas. They do this because we have a house that’s been in the family for ages and my dad just inherited it. When we lived in NY and he had to go out and shovel snow in the dark to go to work in the morning, I’m sure he was telling himself that someday he was going to retire, spend winters in Florida, and never shovel snow again. So I guess I get that much of it.

    But geez, we’re all in TN now. What’s the freakin’ point of going south for the winter when you LIVE in the South? Once the inherited the house, they started going down and coming back at the end of Feb. Then it was in March, last year April. This year they’re telling me they came back too soon, there was that cold spell in April, so this year they’re staying until May.

    But…but…what about all that pestering me for a grandchild!? I did what you asked! And we just had a month of no school because the district allows 14 snow days and we don’t even GET snow my NY standards. (I maintain NY standards for snow and pizza, at least.)

    Remind me to bring this up next time my mother says, “Aw, don’t you want to have another baby?” I’ll be all: “You kept asking me for THIS grandchild and you don’t even play with it.”

    And that’s how I became my mother. I feel like I should perform some kind of self-exorcism now. Do you feel like that? I mean, forget trying to remove the demon from the kids, what would be left? But I almost said, “Because I’m the mommy,” the other day. So #1 on my list of annoying mom things I was never going to say.

    I still maintain that you are scary productive.

    1. I feel your pain. My parents used to go to Florida from January to April every year. They stopped when the boy was a wee baby, my mom couldn’t handle being away from him for so long. So, since then they’ve only gone on short vacations in state (now that they live here and not in MO.)I talked to my dad a couple of days ago and he said they’d done everything thing there was to do on Maui and they were ready to come home. That’ll learn ’em to be gone for more than 4 days. 🙂

      I drive a minivan and let my kids watch Barney. So many things about motherhood are not what I thought they’d be. 🙂

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