Bits and pieces

Howdy.  I hope everyone is having a decent Tuesday, it’s chaos as usual here in the Benefiel household.  I have a few useful links to share with indie readers and writers alike today.

I’m doing the I Heart Indie Books reading challenge on Goodreads and Michelle from Indie Paranormal Book Review is the mediator. (Is that the right word?  I’m drawing a blank.  She runs the dang thing. Ha!)  Anyway, she’s posted some sites where people can find indie reads more easily, and she posted a new one last night.  Indie Ebook Hall of Fame is brand new and super easy to submit to.  The only criteria are that the book is indie, available in several e-book formats (basically, is it on Smashwords?), and it needs to have received a minimum of three positive reviews from indie or indie friendly book bloggers.   I sent in my submission last night.  (Just to illustrate how awesome and der I am, I hopped all over the internet grabbing all the links and such for Glimpse before realizing that I have everything-including the reviews! compiled in one place on my website. No wonder it gets no hits, I can’t even remember to hit it.)

Also, the Indie Book Collective launched the Blog Tour De Force this week and J.L Bryan is only a few days into his Haunted E-book Tour.  Lots of chances with both blog tours to win books and kindles!

Today I’m writing from Melody’s POV in Glow and it is definitely the hardest so far.  I mean, I’ve got Zellie down and Ben is Claire + lots of inappropriate sexual comments, so that’s not too hard for me either. 🙂  The last time I really wrote from Melody’s POV, she was 13 and popular and not a Lookout.  Yeah, a lot’s changed!  She’s 15 in Glow, the same age Zellie was at the beginning of Glimpse, but I think we can all agree that Zellie and Melody are not similar in very many ways.

I suppose I’ll just keep writin’ on it and Melody will turn up. 🙂

Have a great rest of the day!  See you tomorrow for ROW80 check-in #5.

5 thoughts on “Bits and pieces

  1. Thanks for the links, Stacey! Ever since my friend Lauralynn Elliott started indie publishing her books I’ve found so many new and wonderful authors to read. I have your first book on my to be read list and looking forward to it!

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