ROW80 update, uh, 6?-SWB

The kids and I have officially reached the point where we can’t stand each other.  This manifests itself in two ways:  I would like them to get away from me and have actually asked them to please get away from me.  They want to scream and cry and hang on me like monkey’s if I get anywhere near my computer.  No, they don’t actually want me to play with them or get them something to eat, or put on a movie; they just don’t want me to do what I want to do.

Yesterday my 9 months pregnant sister came over and sat in our kitchen and ate a Subway sandwich.  We were all so sick of being around each other that her visit was the highlight of our day.  It was like the president had come to visit.

Mamaw and Papaw get back from vacation late tonight and the kids are going over there tomorrow at first light. LOL, okay, at 10 am.

Keeping all of that in mind, here’s my so-so progress for the week:

Sunday- Finished final edits on If You Leave. 350 words on Dormant.

Monday-506 on Glow.  Submitted Glimpse and Day of Sacrifice to Indie Ebook Hall of Fame.

Tuesday- 380 on Glow. (Took me about 6 hours to get that much in).  73 (!) on Dormant.  Added bio to If You Leave and submitted it.

Wednesday- Nothing so far and I can’t play catch-up tonight because I’m going out with my BFF for pho and The King’s Speech.  We’ve dubbed it the “night of yumminess.”  I’ll see what I can get done this afternoon, but am keeping expectations low.

I am anticipating getting my goals met tomorrow, although I absolutely have to clean my house first.  It is uber Hoarders up in here.

Hope your week is going less craptastically, my fellow ROW80er’s.  See you again on Sunday!

10 thoughts on “ROW80 update, uh, 6?-SWB

  1. I have to agree…we have all had craptastic weeks, me included. I don’t even have any children living at home any more.
    I find it amazing that anyone can write while having small children in their home. I give you lots of kudos just for trying.
    What usually happens to me is, my Mom and my Husband seem to know when I am writing. This is the only time they will start asking me questions. It must be the tap tapping sound on the keyboard that gives them the clue. The questions are always silly questions about nothing. Or it seems that way at the time.
    So even if you had no children in your home, I am sure you would be looking for some sort of excuse not to write. Just like me.
    In fact, now I will go and write that one sentence i said I was going to write.

    Remember Kudos to you who write with young children in the home!

  2. You’ve done 1300 words in the top half of the week. Not bad!

    Have a good night of yumminess (and it *does* sound yummy) and come back refreshed and ready to kick butt!

  3. As some have pointed out to me in my own blog, even minimal progress is progress. Feel good about what you’ve done and strive to achieve as you move forward.

    You will prevail! 🙂

  4. Oh, the joys of motherhood! I hope you had a wonderful night out with bff. It’s always nice to get away for just a little bit. 🙂

    Keep up with the writing, though I know that you have your hands full.

    Good luck and have a great night. 🙂

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