#ROW80 update 6 (for reals this time)-SWB

Feeling pretty good about the challenge this week despite all the, um, challenges I had.  I did take two days off and feel no guilt about that.  My house was gloriously clean for one whole day and the 8 hours I spent cleaning it were well worth it.  During my no-writing days I also got to eat pho and fish tacos and see The King’s Speech and The Social Network.    Good times. 

My main goals are:

Write 500 words a day/ 3,000 a week- Su-350 on Dormant, M-506 on Glow, T-380 on Glow, 73 on Dormant, W-0, Th-0, F-396 on Dormant, 306 on Glow, S-537 on Glow.  That’s 2,548 words total, so I didn’t make goal, but do feel more sane than I did last week. 🙂

Blog three times a week: Yup.

I should be able to get my act together and make goal in week 4 as my schedule returns to normal.

I’m at a weird point in both Glow and Dormant where I’ve written the beginning and I know where I want to go next, but I’m having a hard time getting there.  Much of this has to do with the fact that all the characters I’m currently writing have been quirky side characters that were good for some quips and not a whole lot else.  Now that I’m focusing on them and giving them their own scenes I’m finding I don’t really know them apart from the quips.  So, right now I’m writing a lot of dialogue without action and I’ll go back and fill that in later.

Another weird thing about Glow and Dormant is that they are both THE THIRD in their respective series.  With the first’s you have no idea what you’re doing and you hope for the best.  You expect reader’s to not like the second’s as much, even though you like them better because you feel like you know what you’re doing this time.  The third’s? I feel like with the third’s I have to prove that I can take what the reader’s liked about the first’s and I liked about the second’s and use all that to make them the BEST so far. 

Ugh. I hate that last paragraph.  Me and my worries  can suck it.  Move forward, quit yer whinin’.

And on that note…good luck in week 4 my writerly peeps. 🙂

9 thoughts on “#ROW80 update 6 (for reals this time)-SWB

  1. There must be a cleaning bug going around this week. 😉 But it’s so worth it at the end.
    Well done you and wasn’t The King’s Speech wonderful? I saw it last week and loved it.

  2. Chugging away on ROW80, cleaning house for 8 hours, AND blogging 3 X week? Plus stuff like eating and sleeping? I’m impressed! I don’t think I could blog 3 X per week even if that was the only thing I did. XD

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