Sleepless in Beaverton #ROW80

It’s 5 am on Wednesday morning and I hopefully have a couple of hours before the boy wakes up and we decide whether he is well enough to go to school today.  He seemed better yesterday, but perhaps he would benefit from another day of lounging about demanding orange juice and peanut butter toast.  The girl is a disaster-she’s a day behind with the virus, so she’s still feverish and starting on the cough.  I’m pretending like I’m not getting sick myself.  Although, I’ve watched two Nicholas Spark’s movies in the last two days and that is a very good sign that I am sick/depressed/tired.  I’m afraid the desire to watch Lifetime movies all day is not far away.

I’m changing my ROW80 goals again.  I’m over trying to write a certain number of words a day.  I was going strong at the beginning of this and I burnt myself out.  I don’t like feeling guilty or guilting myself into things, so the new goal is to write something every day.  That’s it.  I’ve already failed this week.  Ha!

S-0, fixed typos and uploaded Glimpse and Rebellion again, M-0, watched Dear John, Channing Tatum is really hot, T-Cut 400 words from Dormant, added 855, 122 on Glow, wrote one blog post for upcoming blog tour, watched The Last Song, Miley’s Australian boyfriend is really hot, although I still  love me some Greg Kinnear, W-Dude, it’s 5 in the morning.  I’ve done this so far.

I’m also going to slack on blog posts this week because I did 4 last week and I have several to get ready for the blog tour.  There’s only so much talking about myself I can stand.  You believe me, right? 🙂

8 thoughts on “Sleepless in Beaverton #ROW80

  1. I hope everyone is on the road to recovery. You’ve got your hands full.

    I think changing your goals when they aren’t working for you is a smart idea. It’s better to change them than get frustrated when you can’t keep up with them. All writing is success.

  2. Thank you! Yeah, it was getting to the point where I was writing 500 just to make my goal and then deleting most of it the next day. Why not write 122 good words instead, y’know? I’ll break 10K on Glow soon and I’m just getting started!
    Congrats on such awesome sales this month, Lauralynn! I’m super impressed!

  3. I’ve been pretending I’m not sick too – doesn’t seem to be working. My lot are sick again, that’s the worst part about having eleventy billion kids, there’s always one picking up a bug. Bah.

    Life’s too short for writing guilt, I think you know you will get it done at your own pace anyway. Enjoy February!

  4. Hope the kids feel better soon. I stress more when my kids are sick, because it’s something out of my control. So lots of TLC. Good for you on changing your goal to just writing. I did the same thing and it’s working much better. Less stressful and more productive.

  5. Ugh, that’s all kinds of suck. Sick, depressed and writer guilt. I think the quality over quantity thing is a great adjustment. Hope everyone at casa de Benefiel gets better soon.

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