#ROW80 update-SWB

It occurred to me today that my life is probably always this hectic.  I probably don’t get a lot of  daily writing done on a regular basis, but I only notice it now because I’m keeping track.  I look at my Post-it notes with my word count and little scribbled half sentences of what I did each day this week on them and I have to remind myself that somehow I always manage to finish writing the stories on time.

Everyone’s still sick, although the kids are getting better, but now my parents and my 9 months pregnant sister have it.  I have a child sleeping on my lap right now as I type this and have had a lot of the time when I’ve sat down to write this week.  Yes, it’s an excuse, but it’s a good one. 🙂  Two-year-old’s are wiggly even when they’re sleeping.

Here’s what I did get done this week: S-0 words. Fixed typos and re-uploaded Glimpse and Rebellion. M-0. T-Cut 400 words from Dormant, added 855, added 122 to Glow. W-Cut one paragraph from Glow, reworked others and added an awesome 28 whole words. Th-468 words on Glow, talked to Sarah about Dormant and fleshed out some ideas, figured out what direction it and the rest of the series is (kinda) going in. F-wrote 4 blog posts for my upcoming blog tour which starts on the 14th.  Most likely the same day my sister will have her baby and I’m to be in the delivery room, so I needed to get those out of the way!  Sa- Worked on two more blog posts this morning, but didn’t finish them. Thought a lot about what is going to happen next in Dormant, sat down several times to write a bit and was slept on or interrupted constantly.  Gave up and played Scrabble instead.

That’s that.  I feel like every time I write one of these I’m coming off as a major depressive, but I’m really doing okay. I’ve got 1,258 words on Dormant, so I only have to write that many words 15 more times.  I’ve got 9,369 on Glow, so I only have to write that many words 5 more times. My goal was to write something every day.  I didn’t on Sunday or Monday, but did manage to either work on my stories or write a blog post or 8 the rest of the days this week.

I’m adding a new goal this week and I want you all to call me out if I slip.  No more reading reviews unless they’re from book bloggers or other writers.  I read a fine review of Glimmer on Goodreads tonight, but halfway through reading it it dawned on me that the reviewer was in no way  writing the review for me.  Then I went to the Goodreads pages of some writers I like and respect and perused their reviews.  At some point on all of their pages they stopped commenting on the reviews-good and bad.  No “liking” or “Thanks for the great review!”  I know people have told me this over and over again-now I finally get it.  Readers write reviews for other readers.  My job is to keep writing the stories.

Please, please, please let’s hope I get it together and do my job this week!

24 thoughts on “#ROW80 update-SWB

  1. Yeah. Sometimes, being reflective of the process (and a little critical of it) makes us writers sound like we’re ready to take a leap off a high-ish building. Most of the time I feel like saying, “No, really, I’m OKAY! But you can bring me chocolate if you’d like…” 😉

    Good luck pressing forward this week. I know I couldn’t manage if I had kids, so kudos to you!

  2. I think you have to distance yourself once your work is published, its up to the public then to make what they will of it.

    You’re still moving forward despite the trials and when things settle down at home you’ll be ready to sprint.

    Wish you all well

  3. Great points about reviews are for readers not writers. That goes hand in hand with what I’ve been reading on various blogs the past couple of weeks. The additional wisdom there being published authors or wannabe published authors probably should avoid reviewing. Recommending is fine but reviewing is a slippery slope. I’m glad I’m reading and learning (hopefully) all this before I’m published.

    I think you did pretty darn well given all the obstacles you faced. Good job!

    P.S. I was just in Beaverton on Friday. I live across the Columbia river from you. Howdy neighbor. 🙂

    1. Hey! Yay for Pacific Northwesterners! Yes, I’ve been trying to do more recommending instead of reviewing as well. I basically fill in the stars (never less than 3 or I don’t do anything) and say I liked this and would read more by this author. Not that I ever wrote awesome reviews to begin with. Not my forte.

      The sun is out on our side of town, the kids are feeling much better, and I got 246 words on Glow under my belt for the day. I can now go eat way too many chips and pizza this afternoon and get out of my funk.

  4. I also used to “like” or respond to reviews, but stopped doing that a few months ago. Now I try to avoid reading them altogether after the book’s been out a while, but no progress on that so far 😉

    I have a feeling my writing schedule will change dramatically when the baby is born…

  5. Oh, I meant to add: I now have a firm policy of NEVER looking for reviews before I’ve done my writing for the day! Which means no Goodreads or looking at my Amazon/Nook listings…a bad review can put me off and make me not feel like writing.

    1. That is an excellent idea. I start my fricking day looking at sales numbers and ranks and it definitely sets the tone. Probably best to write first and check on all that later.
      I’m doing all right on my Goodreads review goal. I read half a review. 🙂 You’d think I was talking about crack. LOL
      Yes, your writing schedule will change when the baby is born. But if you’re already a little bit in Write When You Can mode, you’ll adjust.

      Are you guys getting as much sleep as you possibly can right now? That’s my only advice. 🙂 SLEEEEEEP. ’cause once they’re here, it’s gone forever. LOL

      1. They don’t get me like that anymore, mostly they just make me want to explain myself and act like a big smartass, which is stupid.

        The thing is, even the “nice” bad reviews…I’m not going to go change what they suggest anyway, so why is that opinion for me and not for other readers? Like with Glimmer and the sex stuff-I wrote that the way I wanted to write it, and yes, I considered who was going to be reading it, but I’m not in charge of what other people’s 12-year-olds read. I think the reviews are good for that-a parent to parent warning, or whatever. But, they still dont’ have anything to do with me.

      2. Stacey, most of my bad reviews are nasty, not helpful. One of the things that really gets me is that I have two bad reviews on B & N that have numbers as the user name and the titles of the two are very similar and quite stupid. So I seriously suspect that these are both the same person and are doing it on purpose. They occurred when my rank was at 135 or so. I may just be suspicious, but….

  6. And you can’t get BN to take them down? That does sound suspicious and malicious. It’s hard with reviews like that because you have to read them to know what they’re saying and try not to let it affect you. Sorry.:(

    1. Stacey, I don’t really have cause to take them down since they aren’t libelous statements like the one that attacked me on Amazon a few weeks ago, accusing me of stealing a character from someone else’s book. Amazon took that one down quickly.

      The B & N reviews were titled “Uh No” and “Huh”. The review on one just said “No thanks” and the other one said the story didn’t make sense. And I promise you the story isn’t rocket science. LOL But the user names were both a series of numbers starting with 3. Who knows? I just don’t think they’re legit.

  7. One good thing about the couple of more negative reviews on Jenny Pox is that they will screen out people who really won’t like the book while attracting people who will. The main complaint is that the book has sex and drugs. Some people will choose not to buy, while others will say, “Oh, no, don’t throw me into that briar patch!” 🙂

  8. Jeff- I have been considering the following blurb for Glimmer: Disappointed in the non-sexual sex scene in Breaking Dawn? Give Glimmer a try! 🙂 That is seriously why I wrote the sex in Glimmer the way I did-my friends and I all read BD and were like, “Dude. Not satisfying.” So, I agree, the neg. reviews will weed out the people who don’t want sex in their YA and draw in the people that do. Also, I think it’s a good story. Ha!

    Lauralynn- Bummer that the reviews are so vague. That’s where I was going with the mocking. I can’t ask them to take it down because they weren’t attacking me. I have a vague negative review on Amazon too that has to stay. Just don’t pay them no mind. 🙂

  9. Lauralynn – Sorry I made you late to work 🙂 I love those comments where people are late to work or don’t get enough sleep because of the book!

    Stacey – Ha, interesting about how BD influenced your choices. I just figured, hell, Jenny can’t have sex with anyone else…It just seemed sort of right and realistic at the time.

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