Tour o’ the blogs and #ROW80 update

I am about to embark on a crazyass week.  The Glimpse blog tour starts on Monday.  It was put together by Jessica from The Teen Book Scene.  Jessica was one of the first people to review Glimpse on her blog and she is a total sweetheart.  She does blog design too, yo. The first stop on the tour will be at Bri Meets Books.

In addition to that, there is of course, Valentine’s Day on Monday.  The hubs and I are going out to dinner at a yummy restaurant.  He got me a gift that I saw on the credit card statement and will pretend I don’t know about and I purchased him some sort of Dremel something-or-other that he picked out while we were at Home Depot today.  I know, we’re so romantic. 

On Tuesday night I’m going to see Ke$ha with Sarah and our girlfriend Erica.  Nope, you read that right.  My 35-year-old ass is going to see Ke$ha.  I will, however, not be brushing my teeth with Jack Daniels prior to going out for the night.  Because…

my little sister could have her baby at any moment!!  She’s due on Thursday, but both of my kids were early, so ya never know.  Therefore, no drinking this week.  Can’t be tipsy while trying to coach a new life into the world.  Drinkin’s fer afterwards. 🙂  UPDATE:  My sis went to the hospital last night and we expect my niece to make her arrival later today!

Exciting stuff, so follow along, I’ll be posting every day!

ROW80-wise I had an awesome week, y’all!!  Fine-damn-dinally!!  I made breakthroughs in the scenes that were scaring me in both Glow and Dormant.  And, of course, once I started writing these scenes I was so worried about, they totally flowed!

Here’s the rundown: Su-246 on Glow. M-443 on Dormant, 84 on Glow. T-finished 2 blog posts for the tour and did final final edits on If You Leave. W-848 on Glow. Th-took the day off to clean my disaster of a house and catch up on my programs. F-500 on Dormant. S-367 on Dormant. 

I have high hopes for getting more words in on Dormant on Sunday.  I left off in the middle of a sex scene just to keep myself interested. 🙂

Total word count this week: 2,488.  My original goal was 3,000, but I’m happy with this.  I didn’t count the blog posts.

I also only wrote two personal blog posts this week instead of three, but will be blogging every day this week.  Close enough!

Just for fun:

You know I’ma gonna be rockin’ my sequined bolero.

Okay, I’m off to watch Machete with the hubs.  I told you we were super romantic.  Have a great week you guys!

9 thoughts on “Tour o’ the blogs and #ROW80 update

  1. Sweet! I guess that means you’re driving on Tuesday! 😉 I hope you’re listening to your cd and learning all the deep, complicated lyrics that Ke$ha (or someone else that the record company pays) has written.

  2. Alright! I so glad your week of awesome has come. And my wife and I are as romantic as you and your husband because we saw 30 Days of Night for Valentines one year. Hope the tour goes well.

  3. Rock on!? Kei$ha? Really? I was so lost for a minute there, I had to watch the video. Apparently, I am out of the loop with the new-fangled music shtuff? Congrats on your niece & the awesome word count!

  4. Sounds like you’ve got a great week ahead! I like the idea of leaving off in the middle of a sex scene [g] Wish I was doing that instead of having my heroine argue with her father-in-law… this scene just won’t write itself!

  5. Best of luck on the tour – you crazy person. 😉

    Good luck to your sister, hope everything is going well. I don’t envy her at all but don’t show me baby pictures, just in case. LOL.

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