Playlist, Glitter Cannon, and #ROW80 update

Today’s Glimpse blog tour stop is at Emily’s Reading Room.  She’s put up the playlist of songs that I listened to a lot when writing Glimpse or songs that remind me of Glimpse.  I don’t know about you all, but music really helps me write and I have songs that represent each character and couple. 

I’ve even found a Ke$ha song that is SO Zellie and Avery I know I’m going to have it on repeat while I write the last big scene in Glow.  Okay, so Ke$ha was awesome.  She actually sang, was probably drunk, and pranced around the stage looking much like myself when I do my interpretive dance to Total Eclipse of the Heart. Rad.  I would totally hang out with her.  The best part of the show was when she strapped on a glitter cannon and sprayed the audience.  Um, glitter cannon has moved to the top of my birthday wish list, I’ll tell you what.

My ROW80 update is pretty thin so far this week.  I wrote the final blog post for the blog tour on Sunday.  That be my update.  I’ve been doing a lot of this:

And dealing with a lot of this:

Those are my kids.  The boy has been sneaking into the backyard and digging mud pits with the pitchfork I use to turn the compost pile.  Messy and smelly!  The girl has thankfully not followed him and joined in yet, but she can be found in the bathroom eating toothpaste out of the tube most  afternoons.

I have been thinking about Glow bunches and know what I’m doing next.  I need to cut out parts of two scenes, save them for later, and refill the hole.  Because the next trilogy will be about Ben, there has to be set up throughout Glow and I’ve jumped the gun on a major Ben plot point.  Also, my stakes for Zellie were too high, then not high enough, and now I have figured out a way to make the stakes just right. 🙂  At some point this week I actually hope to implement these ideas.  Ha!

Hope your mid-week is going well and if it’s been as cray-cray as mine that we all get a chance to simmer down!

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