Talk about the weather and #ROW80 update

We were supposed to be subjected to the SNOWPOCALYPSE this morning but nothing happened.  As usual, it is just a bit rainy and there are visible  patches of blue sky.  Being a weather person must be a difficult job what with the Universe saying, “psych!” all the time.

I’m taking the kids and their cousins to Out of This World pizza today and won’t have time to blog later, so I thought I’d let you know that there will be a review of Glimpse on Emily’s Reading Room some time today.  Also, I decided to write yesterday instead of blog so I need to mention that Books Complete Me gave Glimpse a great 5 books review!

For my ROW80 update: Sunday-nada. Monday-I answered a TON of interview questions for two different blogs.  Finished one set and got halfway through the other.  Will finish the rest when I’m not so sick of talking about myself. Tuesday-wrote 588 good words on Glow.  Wednesday-I hope to add more to the scene I started yesterday, but we’ll see how the day goes.  Did I mention that Out of This World pizza has multiple bouncy houses and a gigantic rocket ship for the kids to play in?  Yeah, we’re gonna be there a while.

***Great Book Alert*** I finished Gifts of the Blood by fellow indie and ROW80-er Vicki Keire last night.  Loved it.  If you even kinda like YA paranormal romance you should check it out.  Her writing is really beautiful.  I’m excited to read all the excerpts she’s been putting up of the next book in the series.  I’m totally addicted!

I’ll talk at you all again tomorrow.

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