Big pimpin’ and #ROW80 update

Watch out!  Many links comin’ atcha this morning. 

The last stop on the Glimpse blog tour was at Reading Teen.  You can read Amy’s lovely review of Glimpse here.  I enjoyed doing the blog tour, although it was a lot of work.  Thanks to Jessica at Teen Book Scene for putting it together for me!

The paranormal romance anthology that I’ve been blabbing about on here is now live! Kiss Me, Kill Me features nine indie authors for just 99 cents!  All proceeds from the sale of this e-book go to  Check it out!  I think all of the stories sound amazing and I am really honored to have been included.

Lastly, I’ve got to pimp the radio show I’m doing this afternoon one more time.  I know, I know, the Oscars red carpet will be on TV.  How about you put Giuliana on mute, look at the pretty dresses, and listen to me talk about books?  Just a suggestion. 🙂  The link to the show is here.

ROW80 update: M-Interview questions. T-588 on Glow. Th-More interview questions and 633 on Glow. Sa-Added back in 3k that I cut and am reworking it to flow with the new scenes I wrote. 

I’ve got a sick kid again and am clearly busy running all over the internet like a crazy person, so I’m abandoning the notion of having any goals past, “do what I can.”

I hope everyone has a great week and buy that anthology, seriously, it’s a great deal!

4 thoughts on “Big pimpin’ and #ROW80 update

  1. you seem to be busy – I think many of us set goal posts a bit high because we never think life will have other agendas – we are in control aren’t we? not!

    hope the children get better soon
    keep smiling

  2. Big pimpin’ is stuck in my head now, cheers. 😉

    I have sniffly kids right now, between the two of us we must be raising some kind of world sickness average. Or something.

    Best of luck on the anthology, I’ll have to pick it up soon. So many books I’m meaning to buy, it’s ridiculous!

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