Do the Hustle and #ROW80 update

Happy Sunday!  This is our next to last ROW80 check-in for this round?  Man, that flew by!

I haven’t done any writing since the beginning of the week, but I have been doing a lot of editing and formatting.  Dormant is up on Smashwords and Barnes and Noble now. It’s still publishing on Amazon. Hopefully it will be up by tomorrow.

Also, check out this interview I did over at Lara Dunning’s blog.  I definitely get interviewed about Glimpse and Glimmer more often, so it was nice to answer some DoS questions.  I actually had to think about my answers. 🙂

That’s it for today. I’m recovering from staying up way past my bedtime at a disco birthday party last night.  I taught a bunch of people how to do the Hustle, which should illustrate what a good time I had.  I am looking forward to doing nothing the rest of the day, that is after I wash the entire bottle of hairspray I used out of my Jacyln Smith hair-do.

6 thoughts on “Do the Hustle and #ROW80 update

    1. I got a refresher on the moves via YouTube. I think I originally learned them in either 6th grade P.E. or cotillion. We only did it for a couple of songs, it’s not the type of dance you can do and hold a drink in your hand. 🙂

  1. You know, when my email tells me there’s a new post from blogs that I follow, I only have the title, so I always try to guess whose blog it is by the title. I usually can tell which one is yours. LOL

    I’m glad Dormant is up. Yay!

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