We did it! We did it! A very special #ROW80 update

It is possible that I watch too much Dora the Explorer.

Here it is, the end of ROW80 round one.  I can’t believe I actually completed a writing challenge without bailing for more than a week.  Goooooo me! 🙂

The deets:

Write 500 words a day: I have no idea what I averaged, but I’m sure it wasn’t 500 words a day.  Writing every day just isn’t for me.  I’ve always written when I wanted to and needed to and setting a schedule makes me rebel.  I’m fine with how this aspect of the challenge turned out; it really was going to be a miracle for me to write every day!

Edit and publish Rebellion: Done, like, day two.  Good to give yourself some easy goals. 🙂

Complete first draft of Glow:  Nope.  Not even close.  I’ve got about 15K , plus another 5K that I can pick through and salvage some stuff.  When I started the challenge, I thought I knew where I was going with Glow, but I ended up having better ideas while I was writing it.  So, lots got cut out and thrown away.  No worries, it’s all I’m working on from now until it’s done!

Complete and publish Dormant: I did this over last weekend and so far, so good!  I’m waiting on my husband to finish the cover for the first three stories collected and then I’ll publish that too.  Hopefully, this weekend.

Come up with general plot for next D0S story: Got it. It will focus on Alexander (vamp) and Meagan (werewolf) and…well I’m not going to give the plot away, but I do know what it is!  And the title – Takeover: The Will of the Gods.  I will start working on this when Glow is finished.  I think with the DoS stories, it’s best if I don’t give myself too long to write them.  They are something I only get into writing under pressure.  Seriously.  Who knows why.

Other stuffs I completed during the first round: If You Leave in the Kiss Me, Kill Me anthology. Further editing of Glimmer for typos and punctuation – reuploading e-book and print files. I had a two-week blog tour and did three other interviews.

So, did the writing challenge help me?  Well, it certainly didn’t hurt.  Even though the challenge is choose your own adventure, I did feel obligated to write my two updates a week and comment on others posts.  I sucked at the commenting.  Some weeks I commented on everyone’s and some week’s I commented on two.  Sorry guys.  I think we all know I’m not the most inspirational of commentors (did I just make up a word?) anyways. 🙂  I’m not sure if my You Rock’s and my Best of luck for next week’s did you all much good.  Still, we get to be writerly friends and that’s what I’ll take away from the experience.

Am I going to do the next round?  Yeah, but I think I’ll only check in on Sundays.  Not even I want to hear about the progress I’m making on Glow more than once a week.

Congratulations to all the participants of the first round of ROW80!  I look forward to commiserating with all of you in the next round.

15 thoughts on “We did it! We did it! A very special #ROW80 update

  1. I liked the comments even short infrequent ones! bouyed me up – being a little unsure I should even be calling myself a writer most days – I agree tho’ it is hard coming up with inspirational comment when there are so many to get around – best of luck and see you in April

  2. Just finished Dormant last night! Looking forward to the next installment (no pressure!).

    I think we all kinda did our own think when it came to ROW80 and to be honest, that’s what makes it work so well. If I neglected to post, it was OK. I work a hell of a lot better without all the constraints…

    1. Congrats, Stacey! You rock! Best of luck for next week!

      I’m putting out Tommy Nightmare (the sequel to Jenny Pox) in a couple of weeks, so I’ll pretend I’ve been participating…

  3. Stacey, even a “You Rock!” helps. I promise. I think you’ve accomplished a lot, and I’m glad you’re going to be on board for the second round.

    I think I’m going to sponsor again. I mostly did okay, except for two or three check ins during my mom’s illness.

    See ya in Round Two!

  4. One from me: “You rock!” And congratulations on rocking. lol

    I know what you mean about not consistently leaving comments on others’ blog. I love leaving comments, but often I just don’t have the time. Especially when you have to jump through 10 hoops twice on some of these blogs. Oh well. I’ll see you in the next round!

  5. You did amazing this round, but you just get on with things when you feel like it and it works for you. I think the DoS series has been really good for you btw, you should always have something short going on the side. 🙂

    I was a really bad sponsor, I feel shame. Oh, and you rock! 😛

  6. Any progress forward is accomplishment. Good for you! I try to do challenges here and there too. They do help.

  7. I feel guilty for not having commented very regularly as well. But congratulations! It seems you accomplished quite a lot – congrats especially on the anthology! Just got my copy a few days ago.

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