#ROW80 part deux and other good things

Round two of ROW80 starts on April 4th.  To sign up, go here.  I’m not saving anything up for it this time as I’ve already taken a little break before starting work on Glow, so I’ll just keep working on that. 

So, yeah, GOALS: Finish Glow.  Edit Glow. Send Glow to betas. Edit Glow again.  Publish Glow.  That is it. I’m all about the Glow, people. 🙂

Except: My brain is crazy and I had a fab idea for a rom-com at 3 in the morning the other day.  Thus, there might be some noodling on The Five Engagements of Ruby McClure and I’ve also got the 4th DoS story, Takeover, to bust out at the end of this round.

But THAT IS ALL.  Really. I’m not working on anything else!

Now for some links to things that other hardworking folks are doing:

Jessica Subject is a writer and book blogger who is celebrating the blogoversary for her blog, Mark of the Stars this April.  There will be author interviews, reviews, guest blogs and giveaways aplenty. The schedule is here. My post is on April 25th.  I’ve offered up e-copies of all of my books for the massive month-long giveaway.  There are soooo many good things to win!

Today over at Electrifying Reviews, you can enter to win a paperback copy of Angela Charlie’s debut, Dream Smashers!  It’s international, y’all!

Keyboard Hussy, (otherwise known as Evelyn Lafont) is having a party on Facebook to celebrate the release of her new book The Vampire Relationship Guide, Volume 1: Meeting and Mating. Check here for all the deets.

And, if you get the chance, please remember to tell everyone you have ever known that likes to read e-books that Glimpse is 99 cents for the month of April on Smashwords, Barnes and Noble and Amazon.  That would be swell of you.

Now back to working on Glow.  I finally got all the characters out of their respective cars.


9 thoughts on “#ROW80 part deux and other good things

  1. Wait, what are you working on again? 😉

    Good luck with Glow – and anything else that might pop up along the way.

    99c for Glimpse is robbery, soak in the guilt peoples. 😀

    1. “Now back to working on Glow. I finally got all the characters out of their respective cars.”

      This cracked me up, and I don’t even know the context..

  2. Working on Glow, are you? LOL

    It’s funny how other ideas keep popping up in your head while you’re trying to get other things finished. Just keep doing what you’re doing. It’s been working for you so far. I can’t wait to read Glow. I loved the first two books, as well as everything else you’ve written. :0)

  3. I’m sure you’ll ‘Glow’ this round. 🙂 Couldn’t resist.

    I’m on a single track as well – just as I was last round. It’s all about making progress on Sparks. Now that I’m rewriting, it’s really tough going.

    Best of luck this round!

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