Brought down by a smiley face

There’s a lovely review of Glimmer by Michelle from Indie Paranormal Book Reviews up on her blog right now.  It’s great to have Michelle review your books, because not only is she fair, but she’ll tell you if she finds any typos or formatting issues.

She found one typo in Glimmer (score!).  I had written the word crowd as crowed.  I always wonder what was going on in my head when I make a typo like that.  I mean, it’s not as if I was trying to spell mesothelioma or something.  Crowd.  Was it, like, five in the morning and the kids were distracting me? Had I not cracked my first diet cola for the day? Or did I just have a huge brain fart?  I have been known to spell my own name wrong on occasion.  The other day I had to write a check for $11.50 and I spaced on how to spell eleven. 

Yeah.  Maybe I’m over sharing.

Michelle also told me about a minor formatting issue that I’m surprised other people haven’t complained about.  Apparently, in the letters that Zellie and Avery write back and forth to each other all the smiley face emoticons come off as question marks or question marks in boxes.

In a million years it would never occur to me that that would happen.  So,  if you’re awesome like me and have smiley face emoticons in your manuscript remember to turn off the Auto Correct on your emoticons.

Something tells me Jess C Scott never had this particular problem. 🙂

Crowd and 🙂 are all fixed in the Smashwords and Barnes and Noble versions of Glimmer.  I’m getting my energy up to go deal over at Amazon.  Since I just changed the descriptions on all of the DoS stories over there, I’m sure they love me and my weekly reuploading of my books.  Hmm.  Maybe at some point I’ll annoy them enough to get the KDP phone number!  If I do, I’ll make sure to share. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Brought down by a smiley face

  1. Great review over @ Indie Paranormal Book Reviews!

    I’m always tweaking the “product description” sections on Kindle + B&N 0_0. I’m always expecting an email warning to arrive.

    “Dear Jess:

    Please try to limit the number of updates to your product. Our servers are very busy at the moment.”

    P.S. Oh yeah, emoticons and eBooks…*SHUDDER!*

  2. I have yet to figure out why we spell things wrong when we KNOW how to spell the word. Some of the words I’ve spelled wrong were words where a similar word was more common to me and my fingers automatically wanted to spell that one instead. Someone in my first book put their head down on the “steering while”. LOL

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