#ROW80 update and yard work

The sun has been shining for, like, 15 minutes, so I gotta hurry and get the yard mowed before it starts pouring again!  It has rained every day here since the beginning of March.  My yard is getting to that height where I maybe should just weed whack it instead.  Plus, all of my hostas and peonies are trying to break through the weed garden.  Lots of yard work ahead of me today!

So, update: M-W-F-S I worked on the book of essays sporadically.  They are shaping up. I’ve been messing with the order, rewriting most of the endings, and adding in transitions.  I came up with a pretty funny way to do those.  Hope others find it as clever as I do. 🙂

I finished chapter nine and wrote half of chapter ten on Glow this week.  I had a few interesting subplots rear their heads and I’m going with it.  I also got to write a killer make out scene, and you guys know how much I like those.  (What a perv!)  My word count on Glow was 4414, which I think is good for two days.

What else?  Oh, I joined Tumblr on a whim yesterday.  If you’re on there, my page is StaceyWB.tumblr.com Follow me and I’ll follow you back.  I’m now able to blab in short form on Twitter, medium form on Tumblr, and long form on here.  Good times.

Have a swell week everyone!  I’m off to mow.

11 thoughts on “#ROW80 update and yard work

  1. Wow, sounds like you’ve accomplished a lot this week! Much more than I have (toward my ROW80 goals, anyway).

    My peonies are coming up too! Worries me because Spokane is famous for early Spring freezes, which is how I usually lose my roses. grrrr.

    Have a great week!

  2. know how you feel about garden although we have had the driest spring inyears the weeds dont care about stats like that!!!
    What is this tumble thing you’ve whimisicaly joined?

  3. This PacNW weather is really putting a damper on keeping up with the yard work. I mowed my lawn a couple of weeks ago when it was sunny, now I think its twice as tall as it was before. Yes, you do like your romantic scenes. LOL.

  4. This reminds me I need to mow. I do some of my best plotting while doing yard work, actually. Don’t tell my wife, though, as I sometimes use writing to put off my yard work…

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