#ROW80 update and Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all that celebrate it.  Otherwise, happy Sunday. 🙂  Quick update: I wrote 3,429 words on Glow this week.  A bit down from the previous weeks.  Both kids were barfy sick and up in the middle of the night this week, so I attribute the lesser word count to my lack of sleep.

I worked on a new essay for TTB on Wednesday and Saturday and finished it.  It’s the title essay, so an important one that I’d been afraid of writing.  Turned out that I remembered more than I thought. 🙂 If you’d like to check out an excerpt of the first essay in the book, I’ve posted it at #SampleSunday on Twitter.

Friday I took the day off and did yard work.  The sun was shining!  I had to take advantage as it’s going to rain all week here again.

I have another slow week in store.  Helping a friend get settled in her house on Wednesday and hosting an open house for my sister, BIL, and their new daughter on Saturday.  I’m going to try to hit at least 3K on Glow this week.  I’d love to be 2/3 done!

Have a great week!

10 thoughts on “#ROW80 update and Happy Easter

  1. Hope the kids feel better. Yes, now is the time the outside is calling to us, to come out and garden and whatnot. I spent most of my day cleaning the patio. Happy Easter!

  2. I feel like such a slacker. Everyone is doing housework and word counts and other ROW80 goals. That was a whine again, wasn’t it? Sorry! Whine-free zone. I am thrilled you are so on track, and I am really interested in reading these essays of yours. The personal essay is a vanishing art. I’m thinking @ an i-net break until things stop being so crazy. Thing is, that never happens, does it? 🙂 At any rate, keep on with the killer word counts! Show that keyboard who’s boss.

    1. Thanks for the encouragment everyone!
      @Vicki- no the craziness never stops! Taking an internet break is always a good idea that I can’t seem to make myself do. 🙂 Let me ask you opinion: How long do you think the book of essays should be? It’s at 20K right now and 8 essays. I’m thinking 10 would be a nice even number, but maybe it’s too short? I’ve looked at both David Sedaris books and Laurie Notaro. They have more essays per book, but the scope is also more broad.

      1. That’s actually spooky- I was thinking @ the essay as a genre over coffee this morning. I swear! 🙂 My background is in ye olden age of essay writing- 18th C when novella length essays were actually popular. But I was thinking that for us modern audiences with our shorter attention spans 2k ish essays are probably good. So then your current essay/ wc ratio sounds right. 8 essays at 20k is substantial, but I see the appeal of 10. I think it hangs on subject matter- if your essays are more diverse, you could organize into subsections, with a short intro/explanation to each one? Not a lot of people are doing this, so in a way it’s maddening, but in a way it also means you’re free to push boundaries.
        I’d find essayists as close to my subject matter & see how they handle the conventions. I only know Sedaris’ novels but I know he’s highly acclaimed. Don’t know Nataro. One essayist I like a lot is Annie Dillard. Her stuff is older but it’s brilliant writing and is probably easy to find on the internet. Another idea is to hit up the book section at your local thrift store and pick up an intro level college comp textbook (or 2). 1st level college comp is almost completely @ writing essays, and they always have a selection of “famous” essays to use as models for the students. Plus you can pick the older books up for like a dollar. Just ignore the actual textbook part- or don’t, and enjoy the smug feeling of being past all that! 🙂
        Keep me posted. I’ll keep my thinking cap on, and if you want an extra pair of eyes or a sounding board, please don’t hesitate to find me on the interwebs! vickikeire@gmail.com

  3. @Vicki- thanks for the input! I probably have my comp book around here somewhere-I never get rid of my old textbooks. I’d love to send the book to you to beta if you’d be willing. I know you have a lot going on!

    1. I’d love to. I know I keep saying this but I swear I’m almost there. (Grrr) Besides, I think something new to look at might be good for my sanity. Esp. something in a dif. genre.

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