SAHW and #ROW80 update

It’s been almost a month since my husband quit his job as an Optician/Office Manager to stay at home and write.  I’m happy to report that we’re both making good progress.  He’s in the formatting stage for three of his books of poetry and he’s been making all kinds of outlines for various short stories and novels. Yes, he’s a plotter. 🙂

Did you guys watch The Voice last night?  I haven’t watched Idol in years and sporadically watch So You Think You Can Dance, but I thought I’d give The Voice a try.  It was awesome!  First of all, people have to pre-audition and get called back to make it on the show.  So, even if they don’t get chosen by one of the “coaches,” it’s not like they are horrible singers.  I didn’t find it painful to watch is what I’m getting at.  And the people who did get chosen to move on to the next round were all fantastic. (Sue me, I like a feel good tv show.)

My point in bringing up all of this is that there was a contestant named Javier Colon that totally rocked the house.  His wife and two little girls were there to cheer him on and he talked about the pressure of trying to make it in an artistic career while having a family to support. Ding! Ding! Ding! That hit home.

And then he was awesome and his wife was crying at how awesome he did and I thought, “Rob is an awesome poet, when did I stop spazzing about how awesome he is?”  I read his first book of poetry before I even knew it was by him and decided that I would marry the guy that wrote it.  Yeah, he’s that awesome.

On the flip side, I’m starting to find out that he thinks I’m awesome too.  I think now that we’re back on an equal playing field there’s nothing for us to resent about the other. (Thank you for joining me for my couples therapy session today…and now back to the writing.)

Having Rob at home has also helped me out quite a bit with the kids, so that I can manage to get something written almost every day.  The Toilet Business is nearly done.  I’ve got to finish two essays and send it to beta’s and then it’s a go.  My husband will be making the cover for me.  It’s also nice having an in-house arteest.

Glow is back on track after I deleted 1K from chapter 11 yesterday.  It just wasn’t going where it needed to go.  The scene was a good one, but it brought up too many questions and plot holes that, for the pace of the story, I don’t have time to answer and fill.  I think my YA novels should be quick reads and if I bring up everything that ever happened to each character, they’d take longer than 6 hours to read. 

Word count-wise, I wrote 2,448 on Glow yesterday.  That’s close to the 3K I wanted for the week, which I’ll hopefully be able to finish out at some point.  On Monday I worked on essays all day long and I’ll be doing more of the same today before I go and help my friend get her house move-in ready.

Here’s a video of Javier Colon’s performance last night.  Enjoy!


6 thoughts on “SAHW and #ROW80 update

  1. I couldn’t remember who blogged about The Voice – I wanted to thank them for turning me on to it, I watched it last night. So, thanks for that (I read this yesterday). It’s a cool idea and Cee Lo is a judge so I’m durrr.

    In my house, we don’t spazz about how awesome we are, maybe that’s our problem. 😉 I think you’re both really brave btw, most people don’t have the guts to go for the thing they really love, so kudos. I’m delighted it’s all going so well.

      1. *Gasps* Karaoke show? *Grabs pitchfork* 😉

        I’ve always been a sucker for talent shows but this one actually celebrates talent rather than rewarding gimmicky acts or the prettiest people. It’s already a must watch for me.

  2. Surprisingly I really liked The Voice as well. Okay, maybe not “surprisingly” since I like those talent show things, but I thought I was tired of them. But The Voice is awesome. I loved Javier as well.

  3. Great accomplishments! Keep cheering on your husband. I love the line where you decided to marry him for his poetry, that is one of the most romantic things I have heard.
    Isn’t that true that a chapter might be good but it goes the wrong way, so it is easier to delete. Perhaps use that character detail in your next one.

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