I just can’t quit you, #ROW80

You know who needs to quit making announcements?

*points to self*

This girl.

I was reading through The Toilet Business one last time this morning and when I was done I sat staring at my computer for a full five minutes.  It’s Sunday. ROW80 update day and I wasn’t doing anything, so I figured I should write an update even though I said I was going into hiding and wouldn’t be writing updates for a couple of weeks.  Same with announcing release dates…Glow might be out in June, as I have announced, but it also might be out in July.  I don’t like going back on my word, but I also don’t like putting out crap books that don’t make any sense. 🙂

I was pushing for June because my sales have been sluggish and the only way I know for them to improve is to release another book.  I’m trying not to freak out about it.  Mama said (and in this case “mama” is Zoe Winters) there would be months like this.  The drive to put out something every other month is strong and also a cycle that indies have to be careful not to fall into.

So, what’s my update?  Still plugging along on Glow, although I realized a major plot hole this morning that has to be dealt with before I can proceed.  Also, there is a thread involving a backpack that is, in a word, stoopid, so that has to be cut as well.

The Toilet Business is back from the betas and I sent it off to Sarah for one more look-see today. My husband is working on the cover. I will announce it has been published when I actually publish it. Ha!

I’m excited about doing marketing for it because it is something different.  I have some silly ideas that I think are going to work for it that would not work for Glow.

What else?  Oh, I’ve signed up to do the Blog Tour de Troops.  You guys know about this? I’ve probably mentioned it. Over Memorial Day weekend, authors will be giving away e-books to commentors on their blog and their book reviewer sponsor’s blog.  Each commenter can also request that an e-book be sent to the service member of their choice.  Yay!

My sponsor is Jennifer at Book Noise.  She’s awesome!  You can check out her blog here.

I suppose that’s it for now.  Thanks for all of the birthday wishes, you guys. Thirty-six has been lovely so far. 🙂


7 thoughts on “I just can’t quit you, #ROW80

  1. Do you know what’s funny? I don’t always read all the blogs I’m subscribed to (because it’s a way I procrastinate), and I just happened to read this today and saw my name. LOL

    And here I thought I was never having kids. 😛

  2. well good to have ideas for marketing – I have to ponder those so hard – not what comes naturaly to me – well done – enjoy the blog tour – all best for coming week – keep smiling

  3. I feel like I walked into the middle of a conversation (between Zoe and Stacey) LOL

    I need to find beta readers!

    Meanwhile, I’ve sent a draft off to be read by a “fan” of my other five books.

  4. Stacey, from what I understand from other authors, everyone’s sales have been sluggish lately. Which is common for this time of year. I have a novella that I really wanted to release the first of June, but it may be delayed. Sometimes, that’s just going to happen. But maybe we can both get ours ready sometime in June, because that’s when the summer beach reading begins!

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