Wake up! and #ROW80

I’m using you.

Hope you don’t mind.

My kids have been getting up at 5:30 lately, which is evil.  I got into a car accident on Sunday (not my fault and I was the only one in my car) and have been dealing with all the insurance crapola pretty much nonstop for three days.  Anyway, I have to call and talk to them AGAIN this morning, but I gotta wake up first, lest I slip and conduct myself in a pleasant manner. I’ve been pleasant and everyone has walked all over me.  Gotta get awake and put my bitch hat on. 😉

In order to do that, I thought I’d post about what I’ve been doing writing-wise the last few days.

Glow has been dealt with.  There was a major plot point at the beginning that I’ve never felt comfortable with.  It had given birth to no less than four gaping plot holes, so I finally just cut it and replaced it with a simpler scenario.  Not everything has to be a great conspiracy.  Sometimes I get a little caught up in making my books so twisty that even I don’t know what’s going on. Keep It Simple, Stupid!

Basically, this had led to my editing the first 3/4’s of the book.  I’m going through and fixing everything that I’ve made notes on so far. This has been a more doable task the last few days, as I haven’t had any time to write.

I’m also about halfway through fixing things in The Toilet Business.  Typos, awkward sentences, changing names, and the like.

It does have a cover now, check it out!

We thought we’d go classy. 🙂

I am going to work on TTB some more today and try to publish it soon.  This week may be a wash, though.  Life has rear-ended me.

Okay, I think I’m awake enough to deal.  I hope everyone is having a much better week than I am!  No worries, I think I was due.

4 thoughts on “Wake up! and #ROW80

  1. You’re doing a great job, Stacey. I hate that you got into an accident, but I’m glad you’re not hurt. It sounds like you’re keeping a pretty good attitude considering what happened. :0)

  2. Ugh, no matter what the cause, an accident is SUCH a headache. I’m glad you’re okay.

    The cover The Toilet Business made me laugh mightily. Looking forward to reading it.

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