School’s out and #ROW80 update

Good morning!  I’ve been up forever.  Both of my kids are going through growth spurts, so they eat all morning, fall asleep at 4pm, and wake up at 5am.  Not my favorite schedule, but at least my daughter is tall enough to reach the light switch in the playroom now.

Today is the boy’s last day of school.  I’m volunteering in his class and am currently trying to gauge how many Diet Coke’s I’ll need to deal.  It’s going to be fun, though, and probably a little sad for me.  After all the craziness he went through, he ended up really  liking school.  Let’s hope he remembers that in the fall when he starts nature school!

We decided to do one year at Christian preschool and one year at hippie preschool because there aren’t a lot of in-between options.  So, a little time singing Jesus songs and a little time identifying different scat on the trail at the nature park.  I feel that’s a well-rounded education for a Oregonian. 🙂

In related news, I’m convinced that we have a possum living in our garage.  Every morning when I go out to feed the cats (they’re 16 and senile and pee all over the house if we don’t put them out there at night) stuff is knocked over and the water and food bowls are empty.  Either there’s a possum or my two cats have started eating for four. It’s all very creepy and I open the garage door all the way so that I have the widest area to flee through in case the possum decides to jump out at me and attack my face.  I’m not equipped to deal with critters, probably because I went to two years of Christian preschool. 🙂 (I seriously doubt there was such a thing as nature school in Georgia in the seventies anyway.)

I also get to pick up my van from the shop today!  I can’t wait to get her back.  The rental that I’ve been driving has lots of bells and whistles, but I miss opening the doors with my hands instead of pushing a button.  I keep thinking one of the kids is going to get stuck in the crazy automatic ghost doors.

Apparently, I have a lot of irrational fears.

ROW80: I’ve stopped keeping track of word count for the time being because I’m cutting the confusing stuff out and then adding new stuff back in.  The past two days I cut three pages and added eight.  I’m chugging along to the end of Glow.  Oh, if I had time and sleep and quiet…

That’s life.

4 thoughts on “School’s out and #ROW80 update

  1. I think something is eating our dog’s food in the garage, too. Or, like you said, he has suddenly developed a huge appetite. LOL

    I don’t blame you for not keeping up with word count. It’s hard to really figure that when you’re taking stuff out and putting stuff back in. Hey, as long as you’re working….

  2. Sometimes, I wish my word processing program would keep a word count total every time I save. Other times, especially when I’m doing the necessary cutting, I’m really glad that it doesn’t. 😉

    Keep on chugging!

  3. My parents get strange critters in their house all the time. I call their house The Mitten (like the childhood book where all the animals want to go in it to stay warm.) Anyway, animal control gives them a cage to catch the critter in then they come and get it and drop it off in the woods.

  4. hehe We used to feed our German Shepherd outside, but a resident flock of blackbirds kept eating his food.
    I’ve also given up on my word count, at least for my novella; academic work has left me little time to write properly. At the end of the day, as long as you can see that you’re still making progress, that’s all that really matters 🙂

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