Blog Tour de Awesome

Wow!  What a fun and inspiring weekend.  Thanks to the Indie Book Collective for putting the Blog Tour de Troops together and including me in it.

Between  Book Noise and this blog, I was able to give away 163 free books to commenters!  Which means 163 books for the troops!

Or does it?

All the authors on the tour got together and we decided that we wanted to do more.  So, many of us are donating the number of comments we received +100 or +200.  I’m donating 163 of each of my books.

Seriously.  It’s the least we can do.  After you spend the weekend reading stories about soldiers and their families and how war has affected them…you’re gonna give away a lot of damn books. 🙂

Have a great Tuesday!  I know it’s back to work for most of us.  Glow ain’t writin’ itself, people.

4 thoughts on “Blog Tour de Awesome

  1. What a wonderful gesture, giving away so many of each of your books is such a generous offer, I’m sure the troops will love them!

    Thank you again for being part of the Tour and thank you for the free ebook.


  2. God bless our troops and your willingness to help make their lives a bit more bearable. Anyone can say what they will about our military excursions, but the fact still remains those men and women are out there fighting for all of us each day.

    Giving away books is a fantastic idea, as the military members of my own family have told me many times they turn to literature to escape daily pressures, even those who don’t enjoy reading so much!

    Way to go, Stacey! 🙂

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